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NEWS BLOOPERS 2017 Enjoy 🙂
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bluueboi51 says:

Omgosh gray dress noone heard a word that woman was saying

Best Dad Ever says:

Who the chick with the big boobs?

NihilsticFeeling says: is way funnier

diane abbots right brain cell says:

5.26 oh god thank you perfection

John Clay says:

That was quiet a fart girl

Nolan Forsyth says:

Haha haha 😂 😂👍 👏😍😂

Life Is Gay says:

I know I'm very late but! I can't believe no one talking about 8:25.

Shaya Al-Qahtani says:

The first one is awesome 😅😅😅

Fisherman Fro says:

those big Mexican Tits!!!!!!!!!

Fisherman Fro says:

Fuck You Richard Sherman!

Jeff Brown says:

4:28. Coolest girl in the world! (Not just the low temps, either)..

Jim Hayes says:

Holy cow!! Jumbo Hot Dogs for only 99cents?!

Note To Men & Women says:

Add me as a friend on YouTube!

ps10iceman says:

Im only here for the tits!!!! yeah tits!!!

Spanky Harland says:

5:24 many babies are drooling for a meal when the view those two milk canteens…..

hasarutoe tensakey says:

I dont like kevin

FOXBODY 351W says:

The hipster doofis says it's a perfect "texture" for running.

Stuart Barriskell says:

1:37.. ffs

Vince A says:

first dude is a scumbag 😯

Elvis dinkel Dinkel says:

Liberal meatheads at 2:49

Christopher Maze says:

Sherman what a bitch

E Clouston says:

Sherman…..fucking head case

Mittens says:

Hey asshole, don't forget to change the name to "BEST FUNNY NEWS BLOOPERS 2018!". Fucker.

Graham says:

That knee in the nuts at 1:07 is pure class.

W TX says:

Football dude was practically cutting a wrestling promo

Dan says:

Nothing funny about people being stupid.

Christopher says:

What is it with Mexican TV and showing big tits?

Muhammad Abdullah says:

Click bait
The large breasted woman gave it away

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