Best News Bloopers Fails

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prrgnn says:

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Nicole Packette says:

Wow just wow

Nicole Packette says:

At 1:59

TurboSync says:

what is. 4chan

john Mitchell says:

5:01 That women in the white is a fucking cunt. Its not like its her job or anything to report what she is told to report. I hope she has nothing but still borns.

MOVIE MATION antertainment says:

2:16 the best


Bloodly hell this show out is!!! 😦☻

Elvira Librada says:

Alright I’ll SUBSCRIB with an E

a n t i m a t e r i a says:

First blooper: big boobs have more conversion power than any conventional sheer force conversion methods.

Jérôme DOussin says:

5mn40s je veu mettre ma bite entre ses seins et la baiser par ts ls trous

ቾ2 CҤΛINȤቾ says:

15M views lmao

Prasad Royal says:

Thumbnail model name 👀

Gavin Schuette says:

end the ad money scam so media tv net cant conterfeit money fuck that shit

spencer graydon says:

Throw this into levelizer before you upload or something

Lannis31 says:

5:13 "Wah, wah, wah, wah!" That was so good. Lol!

cutty pussies says:

Now I understand why my dad watches news all the time😞

ادم ادم says:

انتوشويه شراميط

Jack Newins says:

Can't find the subsrib button been looking for 2 weeks now

Joshua Faulks says:


Danish Syed says:

„Please subscrib“🤦🏼‍♂️

Nitesh Chaudhary says:

I was gonna subscribe.. But I won't cause this channel told me to subscrib..

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