BEST NEWS Fails Compilation (Funny Videos – Try Not to Laugh)

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Ultimate BEST NEWS Fails Compilation.
Have fun watching! Stay tuned for more videos and other crazy compilations..
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Tarantula 304703 says:

then I don't need a jacket guy laughs for no reason

Jawuan Hart says:

:20 nguh I just did some Crystal meth

Marhko says:

5:20 what language is that?

Inspector Rawnsley says:

Dude if that guy died…. that's f'd up. But I'm assuming he didn't.

Misteristir09 says:

7:55 that one got me

girlontheedge says:

7:23 omg

Brian Glass says:

Nice video of old clips that everyone else has used!!! Find your own original clips cockhead!!!!

C W says:

Jungle Bob needs his ass kicked because he makes too many assumptions I would have smashed his f**** spider and then smashed his f**** face

Ben R Tist says:

I died at 6:09

Front Row Dota says:

lol Kaci drawing a cannon…

Doge Legend says:

2:46 I cant breathe ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

The UpLIFT Show says:

Is that Erykah Badu?

felix์—˜ says:

โthanks arthurโž

Sara Cummings says:

I was already dying laughing at 0:28

Deangelo Maddox says:

lol, we gotta make beef!

Chris Mora says:

The funniest part about the first clip is how even the cameraman motioned the camera like shaking his head.

Brenna Morene says:

Everybody makes mistakes!!!!!. Who cares?!.

David Pierce says:

2:57. :. Clouds are having sex with the earth

Rowan Carr says:


me chloe says:

Omg…I'm dying!! Soo funny!!

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