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Matthew T. Lowe says:

One word: oatmeal.

Tahseen Ahmed - Harold M Brathwaite SS (2482) says:

3:53 lmao I burst out laughing,.. it wasn't even that funny

Maryy Thoo says:

8:07 BRO 😂😂😂

Asteelo paparazzi says:

5:27 I'm confused on what exactly happend here??

Jasmine Gooden says:

The dude at the end lmaooo

tim johansen says:

I love it when people ruin the news take in public. Dont know why. I'm not a bad person. Its just funny.

Kevin Wolfe says:

That’s what he gets for owning a cat lol

yashua loubao says:

Fuck the medias

Álex the Benighted says:

What do they say? "Fucking right da pussy"? I don't understand it.

Betsy Wiles says:

Ok I really don't see what was funny with the 2nd. She's laughing at nothing.

venezolat1na says:

The dude dressed as bunny running away from the security guys in the back had me dying 🤣

Jeremy Hill says:

2:04 😂

Josh Gallemore says:

that lil boy on the skateboard got me weaaakkkk lmfao

Jay Mour says:

"Let's get the fuck outta here."

Austen Lenihan says:

If it's humour you're after why not check out my brand new #CorpsingChallenge YouTube channel, can you do it??

Faiz Izz says:

God bless America and it's people.

G S says:

Was that Captain Jack Sparrow?

Poonam Gupta says:

Why do people yell fhritp to the mics?

G K says:

and if you take a look our here turns around ….. obviously, the buffoonery HAS RETURNED 😂😂😂

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