Funny News Bloopers 2017 – Funny Army – Funny Fails

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Funny News Bloopers 2017 – Funny Army – Funny Fails

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Kaiser Ramos says:


MCV says:

Click bait 😡


0:59 looks like the thumbnail but thumbnail is much better


0:17 ma’am you are a girl why are you looking at my penis

Painter Jalipainter says:

News boobers

It'sYaBoi 512 says:

Don't false advertize, bitch.

jiren san says:

Canon or dickhead xD

Saif Alam says:

Baklol chodi kar hi rahi hai jan mujh kah or olta 7:30

Nicholas Schindler says:

Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
I just got click baited,
And so did you

GodMind says:

I love the clickbait porno thumbnail. 🖕🤣

Akash Singh says:

Who else's here for the boobies

The G Dev says:

Who hear from thumbnail 😁

「WØL」 Amal says:

Man i feel bad for them

Jodhy Paletteri says:

Fake thumbnail

Fortnite Fever says:

I saw cleavage I clicked

big family house says:

This is inappropriate

Tony Montana says:

Where’s the tities at? What a jip

Mr Stark says:

Who is that lady anchor at 3:04

Yadu Ab says:

Where is thumbnail…

PixelGGod says:

Man that girafe a man of culture

Mm moner midiya এম এম মনের মিডিয়া says:

M.m.moner midiya..
Plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz suscarbe now…
My channel…
M.m.moner midiya

Arnap Jyoti says:

Whaaattt The Thumbnail 😀😀😂😂😅😅😅😅

Lionel Lyndem says:

The legendary cleavage thumbnail strikes again

ZedOrFed Zone says:

Block the cannon

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