Most Viral News Bloopers 2016 – Funny Try Not To Laugh – Funny News Fails

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Most Viral News Bloopers 2016 – Funny Try Not To Laugh – Funny News Fails

Enjoy these funny news bloopers! Impossible not to laugh!

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Most Viral News Bloopers 2016 – Impossible Not To Laugh


Kevin Garcia says:

Feel bad for the first guy😂

Fargo The Elite says:

Reporter: I dont eat fast food…
The special sauce I'm gonna put somewhere else. Lmao

Matt Curry says:

0:55 I liked the news xD

Joshua Sandlin says:

Mexican news is so much better than American…

Russian ain't bad either

Mr. Happyyellowhead says:

1:25 got me xD

Casey Lane says:

I lost on the first one.

Casey Lane says:

only 183 comments….

Teä Fäm says:

0:32 She looks like Lele pons

bryon perkins says:

I think l peed a little

mr. creator says:


sunny gacha says:

What the heck some of these are crazy

Aldo Malaj says:

5:03 that was Albanian LOL

abhyuuday pathak says:

Fuck her right in the pussy!

Rezo SUSHI says:

3:39 ROFL

Lil lamp says:

At 4:27 maverick Logan Paul’s bird landed on her

avakin_ lisiamkingsling says:


zompzu - says:

song at 2:34 ?

zhan condell says:

3:49 that dude thirsty af

The FSF says:

7:25 somone is getting laid

Liya Sam says:


Mughira Aknan says:

Can any one tell the song name at 2:40 sec to 3:09 sec

We've Everything says:

10:01 start from here.. thank me later

We've Everything says:

0:31 best

Abdullah Afghan says:

8:33 hahaha

DionysusAlS says:

I see nothing humorous about this. The mainstream media is complicit in horrible crimes and should all be arrested.

atlanta176 says:

the first 1:50 is pure gold

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