10 Funny Stories From Reddit FwF Short #1

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10 Funny Stories from Reddit FwF Shorts #1

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Story Line-Up
1) Punked! 0:14

2) Answers May Vary 1:45

3) Coursework Karma 2:41

4) Dead Bunny 3:45

5) Practical Joke 4:25

6) Not A Jew 6:04

7) Creepy Teacher 7:05

8) Down With the Sickness 8:39

9) Redneck Rampage 10:12

10) Pins and Needles 12:28

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sweet heart says:

I know this was like almost 2 years ago but…


okk I'm done now

Eevee’s Trainer says:

The one with the dead bunny I’m pretty sure I heard it from an old TV show that often discussed urban legend

Tory Gehring says:

the dog digging up the bunny is a joke that has been around since the 80s

Deb Doug says:

The bunny story is an urban legend

Sean says:

I don't believe the story about the guy with the rifle on the Central Coast. I live there. No one owns any kind of firearms and if someone fired a gun into the air, it'd be all over the news and they'd definitely be arrested.

Good video, though

Grace Meyers Hall says:

They did that same dead rabbit story in the movie dickie Roberts

flymus says:


RoseAnn Melcarek says:

yay!! 🤘🤘

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