10 True and Cute Funny Stories

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10 True and Cute Funny Stories

Family can be a source of entertainment, especial to laugh at…in a good way.

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Stories in Order:
1) Cow Bread
2) Bearded Pits
3) A Good Licking
4) Sticky Rear
5) It’s Not You
6) Payback
7) Droopy Muscle
8) Big Girl Bra
9) Tomato Doctor
10) Family Bowling

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Anubis says:

Did… Did the dad burn down the bowling alley?

NelliNightshade says:

dodgin' the dawg. always underfoot at the most weird times!!

Raven Fox says:

Tomato kid was so sweet

suzbone says:

2:28 If you slip on the ice and your butt gets stuck, pee. It'll work instantly and you won't have to sit there in agony while you sustain tissue damage waiting for help to arrive.

Ceylan Ozguner says:

Love the tomato story!!!!!

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