5 Funny Stories from Retail

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Thanks for joining me on this edition of Fun with Ret’Hell Episode 3.
I choice 5 funny reddit stories from retail experiences. I hope you enjoy!
If you have a story you want to submit, please send it to funwithfailure@gmail.com
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1) Angry lady really wanted some candy apples. self.IDontWorkHereLady
by seanbeedeliciousx3
2) I was fired from Wal-Mart. I never worked at Wal-Mart. self.IDontWorkHereLady
by benevolentTacent
3) I got reported to management for a company I don’t work for. self.IDontWorkHereLady
by b4dkarm4
4) Treat me like a child? I’ll treat you like a child. self.IDontWorkHereLady
by Canadian_ActorPrisoners
5) If you’re rude and refuse to pay, we have the right to refuse services, even after they’re done (self.TalesFromRetail)
by itstheleviathan

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Tomb Raver says:

I remember the first day we started selling oranges and we kept them in a little snack basket next to the registers. So my boss was right there signing some papers and I grab an orange holding it like i'm giving it to someone and I said "Hey Michelle." She looks at me and I look her dead in the eyes and said "Cough." She busts out laughing and even a few customers saw and started to laugh as well, I fucking loved that day.

Brenda Lambert says:

All good and no foul language . Thanks I am subscribing to your sight

Allyce Povick says:

I like your drawings and I'm a 67 tr old lady so I'm betting everyone is going to like them!

Leonna Nyx says:

I don't get why people have the nerve to tell you you work at the place even after you said you didnt

Lady Robin says:

#2 is TOO boring!!!!!!!!!!!! Dumb writer should have get to the point!!!!!

Kamryn Quinn says:

How can you try to fire someone that doesn't even work there xD

Jean Strong says:

I like the drawings. Matter of fact, I think you should make one for each of your subscribers of their pets For free. Because we deserve it. By tomorrow. And don't tell me you don't work here.

kendall hocker says:

I found the drawings enhanced the stories. Glad you are doing the artwork not just recycling a bunch of tired pictures.
Courage. Honor. Commitment.

Untamed Euphoria says:

You talk with the perfect level of defeated drawl for retail stories. It truely makes me believe that you hate the world and everyone in it. Nice job playing the part perfectly.

Dude says:

This happens to me all the time. And customers get really angry at me. "So you don't WANT to help me?!"
And yes, the really do argue with me, why I have to be working there. Well, none of them convinced me yet XD

Peaceful1 says:

I am new here and I enjoyed every bit of your video. I think your drawings were fun. I'm hoping to see more from you.

Commenter Q says:

13:54 I think Finneas and Ferb are hiding in her shirt

Slimmark2 says:

Fucking ROFL at the Gamestop story lol.

Beam Me Up Scott says:

I like the scanner beep between stories- it’s a nice addition that doesn’t need to be put in but makes the video better

Dave BB says:

You must realize. You are dealing with a woman. Pretend its a 2 year old.


The one not living with reality was the manager that "fired" you. What a bright bulb she was not knowing who she was manager over.

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