5 Funny Stories of Instant Karma at School

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As in most cases, people that are mean, selfish and do things that hurt others by their actions usually don’t have it come and bite them like in the case of karma or justice. I found 5 stories of instant justice or karma to the people that did stupid stuff to hurt others or said things that came back to bite them. These stories took place in schools or colleges.
1) The first story is of a teach or professor that talked down to everyone, especially the secretary. By the end of the story, you learn what the secretary does to him that he really deserves. 0:24
2) The next story of instant karma takes place in a college bookstore where two customers are fighting over a book. The female that grabs the book first is in between two men that are sexist and she could get her book. She soon got the justice she deserved and the got instant karma for being sexist. 1:34
3) Story number three is set at a sandwich shop close to a school. An English teacher is ordering a sandwich, and when the employee goes to tell here the price and wring her up, she tries correcting him being very picky on his grammar. She is corrected for that as well.
4) The next story happens in the IT department at a college. A student is having trouble with the projector in the classroom and is irate with the IT employee about it. The employee shows him it was an operator error and not the projector.
5) The last story in this series is at a college bookstore where two guys are in line to buy a shirt with the college mascot on it that is old school. The other is complaining about how lame it looks, only to be shown that he is equally as lame.

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David Lane says:

I like dash cam instant karma. Like when someone tries to cut someone off and loses control. Not rollovers though.

love this channel says:

At work a lady came in with a two day old pizza that only had two and a half slices on it. She started the conversation by yelling for my manager, ignoring my manager shirt and nametag. Once its established that I was the one to "help" her this is the story I got. We accosently put japps on her pizza (therr was a small pile in the box where I assume they just pulled them off). I apologized and asked for a phone number and pull up the order. It was pick up. I asked if my CSR had shown her the pizza and she said "yeah but I didn't have time to deal with that.". Fifteen minute scream fess later because I was not refunding something that clearly got eaten and she takes the box and throws it across our lobby before yelling she was going to call corporate for MY conduct.

This entire time there was a couple in the lobby trying to eat (we are not a dine in but we do have two tables) watching this whole thing go down. As the crazy bitch is storming to the door the older gentleman gets up with his water bottle and calmly squeezes it right in her face. She freaks out screaming that she was going to call the cops and than demands I do something which really? Even if I wanted to what was I suppose to do he was a customer not an employee. I told her as much, all the while trying (and failing) not to smirk. She threatens to beat me and the other guy and I walk over the register and inform her I just hit our alarm button. It's a silent alarm to call the cops. She cusses me out and storms out. Didn't actually hit the button but saying I did scares off most crazy people. I thanked the guy, gave him and his wife free drinks to go, and cleaned up the mess.

P.S. because I had pulled up her order and she was a return customer I had not only her phone number but address. She has since been banned from ordering from us.

Brianna Richardson says:

My friend stole some of my food and burned his mouth because it was still hot. Does that count?

Grundy Peebo says:

That bookstore one sounded like absolute horse shit

Songs N Stuff says:

That bookstore one seems like r/thathappened

moottzzy says:

Ok I’m gonna keep saying it…. your voice is magic, and you are that great!. You need to do voiceovers and audiobooks if you don’t already. ☺️. God bless

Alistair2348 says:

No 2 is feminist fiction.

KittenSneezes says:


Brittany Comeaux says:

Who else thought of Plankton when the teacher said, "I WENT TO COLLEGE!" Lmao

Crazy Challenges says:

Second story r/thathappened

Steffi says:

Yea, the second story might be made up #andeveryoneclapped

Brezo11 says:

The second one never happened. It sounds like a tumblr story made up to get notes

antidote lizard says:

hold up on the first one was the OP the principle or just another secretary working there?

Josie says:

So very satisfying!

Jamie Beeney says:

with the second story did everyone clap at the end? i find it hard to believe anyone actually talks like that, especially if they have a potential sale

Crazyjoe says:

this beyone amazing keep the good work buddy👍😀

Dark Side says:

Awesome 💘!
Liked and subscribed 🙂
Like # 10

The Kitsune Chronicles says:

The first one is why you should always be nice to the secretary. Good stuff!

Silly lil' Bung says:

"Dallas! Dallas! Dallas! WOOOOHOO!"….Thanks for letting me hear you read words! :3

Jeri Medina says:

Loved it . thank you

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