5 Funny Stories You Should Checkout From Reddit

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Thanks for joining me on this edition of Fun with Ret’Hell Episode 4.
I choice 5 funny reddit stories from retail experiences. I hope you enjoy!
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1) No Ma’am, I can’t accept your husbands poo, I’m not from the medical staff! self.IDontWorkHereLady
by Techdoggo

2) ShortGreat deals on non-existent stock! (self.TalesFromRetail)
by pssychesun30 plus retail years, wanna see my scars?

3) Clean the Bathroom self.IDontWorkHereLady
by TheAlmightyice

4) Enjoy your pizza. self.IDontWorkHereLady
Submitted 7 days ago by martlet1

5) Yep, you caught me – I don’t work at Disney World self.IDontWorkHereLady
by baptap
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snowgriff says:

lady: don't give me that shit!!! IT worker: you're the one who gives ME shit…

Erin Bliss says:

OMG, the pizza story! I lived & worked near a uni in the Boston area. I got a call for a pizza order one day after answering the phone with my employer’s name. We were one digit off from the pizza parlor number. I took the order, offered an 89 cent liter of Coke special and told them 30 minutes. I never got an address, name or number from the guy who was obviously stoned. I know. I’m going to BiH!

Ultra instinct Goku says:

Have good rest

ScarySara93 says:

That guy literally was not going take shit from that lady with the "poo bag" .

Natalie Larkins says:

Cocks communications lol

Kantean Nightmare says:

Mother flippas!

That Guy Jared says:

"They don't read." Holy Fuck that's true. I work as a cashier, and I can not tell you how many customers fail to read obvious signs. Two great examples:
1. Our conveyor belts, like most, have a space under the far end of the belt that's large enough for carrying baskets to fit, but, seeing how it's an inconvenience for employees and customers if someone has to get in through the lines to collect baskets, we have signs at the end of every checkout aisle saying to leave the baskets on the belt so we can collect them on the back of the register to make it easier for everyone. Of course, nobody ever reads the signs, and try to put the baskets under the belt. Whenever this happens, I always say, in a slightly loud yet polite tone, "You can leave the basket on the belt." Most customers do, and I promptly thank them when they do. Of course though, there are plenty of customers who just put the basket under the belt anyway, several of whom have looked me dead in the eyes while doing it, which makes me wonder who is the parent that failed to teach them manners. With many of the other cases, though, there are customers behind them who do listen, where upon hearing me ask or seeing them put the baskets on the belt, apologize, in which case I politely forgive them, as they were likely just distracted and it's a pet peev I'm willing to let go in those cases.
Tl;dr: If a store has a sign saying to leave the carrying baskets on the belt, please just do it, it makes things easier for everyone.
2. A much shorter story, but still relevant to the topic. The store I work at has a separate entrance/exit at the side for the cafe, which we close during the winter, sometimes with exceptions in cases of bad weather so customers in the cafe lot can get to their cars faster. We have large signs on stands directly in front of the doors to inform customers when they are closed and locked for the season, yet there are always people who set off the door alarms trying to open them. I can only assume that the people who do this just don't care about store policy, as they would need to move the signs out of the way to use the doors in the first place.

Sun Jara says:

(4:49) 'Cocks communications'? Sounds like a 'nice' way of saying whore house.
6:13 I want to hear those.
9:50 I certainly wouldn't have said that had that been me.

Jivan Scarano says:


Of Course You Can Pay Me In Gum says:

Btw just found your channel and I’m LOVING all these retail vids. 👏👏

Of Course You Can Pay Me In Gum says:

Was that outro a flex on Hellfreezer?? 😏🤪🤣

metademetra says:

9:41 Lol, I haven’t been to Disneyland in four years, and I can still tell you where to find every single ride, barring the Fantasyland dark rides. And even then, Fantasyland is probably the easiest area to navagate. Being able to find your way around Disneyland means NOTHING!

Since posting, I went back. I can confirm Disneyland is very easy to navigate if you’re a native Southern Californian.

Eric Salidbar says:

I love your work brother. Do you have a patreon? I feel like watching the ads all the way thru just isn't enough on my part I would like to help more. I'm not saying watching the ads isn't enough I'm sure if everyone watched the ads all the way thru it would help tremendously. Ahhm ahhm support your favorite YouTubers by watching ads!

Catlady 45 says:

That wrong number pizza story reminded me of when I worked at a drug store when I was about 25 I had moved out on my own and so I had my own phone and everything and even though my number wasn't even close to the store's number not even the same city technically I got a call one day before I left for work from someone wanting to call in a refill for their prescription so I was a little confused but I said well this is not the store but I do work there so I will take your numbers and get them filled for you and I did . they never called back and I have no idea where they got my number. I even checked the bottles when I got to work to see if a co worker had changed the info so it showed my number lol but they hadn't at least not permanently. that and one day I was sitting at my mom's house eating lunch and the phone rang and the ID box showed it was me calling … from my apt and I lived alone no pets or anything lol I panicked a little and called the phone company they said that can happen sometimes if they are working on the line in the area. My mom followed me home to make sure it wasn't a break in or anything and nothing was wrong. just weird stuff at that apartment!

CountessChuchoteur says:

One time, I was at Food Lion and this guy in the frozen food section asked if I worked there. I didn't and although I told him I didn't, he continued to ask me questions and talk to me as if I did. I'm guessing maybe he misheard me, but I'm not really sure how you hear, "No, sir, I don't work here," as "Yes, sir, I work here."

All I Wanted Was a Pepsi says:

We need to get you more subscribers man, you’re work is good.

grey roses says:

My gastroenterologist has one of those stool samples in his waiting room. 😂

rawrmcm says:

you're so close to 1k, nice job!

Ovo 96 says:

Great channel got yourself a new subscriber mate 😄

RoseAnn Melcarek says:

I appreciate the hard work

Maggie E says:

People are so weird

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