8 Crazy Stories of Retail from Reddit

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Thanks for joining me on this edition of Fun with Ret’Hell Episode 1.
I choice 6 funny reddit stories from retail experiences. I hope you enjoy!
If you have a story you want to submit, please send it to funwithfailure@gmail.com
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1) I don’t know how to do this… NO YOU DON’T DO IT LIKE THAT. (self.TalesFromRetail)
by 20percentdisgusting-

I don’t know how to do this… NO YOU DON’T DO IT LIKE THAT. from TalesFromRetail

2) Customer doesn’t understand the parking deck is flooding (self.TalesFromRetail)
by Despair_Diseasethat fake customer service smile

Customer doesn’t understand the parking deck is flooding from TalesFromRetail

3) I don’t work here, I live here. self.IDontWorkHereLady
by dirrtyharry12

I don’t work here, I live here. from IDontWorkHereLady

4) The incompetence of Deli
By Alexander Moore

5) Only five year olds use the toilet. (self.TalesFromRetail)
by marchinghammerman

Only five year olds use the toilet. from TalesFromRetail

6) People of Walmart self.IDontWorkHereLady
by motherofpup

People of Walmart from IDontWorkHereLady

7) Years of Pent up Rage self.IDontWorkHereLady
by staticzapper

Years of Pent up Rage from IDontWorkHereLady

8) Why did you think running would help? (Long) self.IDontWorkHereLady
by MageSquiggles

Why did you think running would help? (Long) from IDontWorkHereLady

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Dr. Etzor says:

Never mind peeing to toilet, where the hell does he dump his shit?

WayWardWanderer says:

"You need to be fired!" And you need to shut the fuck up. Don't ask for help and then bitch about the help you've received.

brazy birb says:

man that tomato cage one was sad, i feel bad for the guy trying to get the cages, it easily could have been solved by just calling the business like he asked, i mean..who the heck tells someone theyll call the cops over something so stupid, especially in a rural area

Akuma Plant Studios says:

I also don't think those tomato cages would have been safe. Probably for the best that he didn't get them.

Super Red says:

Why is the bloke being fat so important,ok he is an arsehole thank god he wasn’t black:)

Eric Morisch says:

Suggestion: Your delivery is sometimes monotone and a little stilted; A more natural speaking pattern/tone may be more entertaining.

I enjoy all of the content I have received from your channel. Keep it up!

Adam Morton says:

this should be on r/thathappened not r/retail

Kat Murphy says:

About the mobility scooters- many problems that are not readily apparent can cause someone to need them. I have needed them, once when I broke my toe, and also at times for dizziness that made it hard to stand. When I broke my toe it was the middle toe, so there was no cast or boot to make it obvious, and I didn't even have a cane at first. I had the misfortune to break it on a Sunday where most medical supply stores were closed, so even getting crutches was hard, and then we learned that I am the exact wrong height for crutches, being too tall for child crutches but too short for adult crutches, so I later got a cane to walk with until it healed more. Staying home completely wasn't an option, because I had to attend college classes and plan my wedding registry, which required going through a couple stores with my then-fiance. One store only had a regular wheelchair, but he was good enough to help wheel me around to look at dishes and things. I have always had asthma, but now I also have agoraphobia, and the panic and anxiety attacks from it nearly always devolve into asthma attacks, making it hard to walk sometimes. Yes, I'm fat. I have hypothyroid, mild insulin resistance, PCOS, and a whole host of things aside from being unable to exercise that make it easy for me to gain weight and hellishly hard to lose it without maintaining an untenable diet. My parents are morbidly obese- they are also both disabled with joint replacements. (My Dad has had one hip replaced and is waiting on the other. His obesity is caused by his disability, not the other way around. He was very healthy when young, even in the military, before suffering two very serious accidents which caused all the major damage he has now, including the hip arthritis and progressive spinal degeneration. For my mother I can't say which came first, but she's had both knees replaced- one had a bone spur 2 inches long.) One of my friends is also fat- with her, you might notice her special shoe, or you might not. She can barely stand or walk because of constant infections and neuropathy from untreated diabetes. (Her doctors were total crap for years, there is no decent excuse for refusing to treat diabetes when a patient's blood glucose is as consistently high as hers was.) There is no rational reason to assume that a fat person using a mobility scooter is not disabled. Many disabilities make exercise hard and make obesity unavoidable. Not excusing her abominable behavior, but I don't like it when people assume that just because someone is fat or doesn't "look" disabled they don't need the scooter to shop.

Shirley Senkler says:

Never know which stories are true or fake but some people are to arrogant to listen and believe they are right no matter what!

robert d says:

The last one was the best so many of these the person takes pity and does not press charges. When they are that bad the only way that the message gets home is to have some kind of consequence. As soon as the fat B** grabbed him that was WAY over the line.

Steven Seagull says:

Im sorry, but i fucking hate fat people. They want me to feel sorry for them that they over indulged themselves? That i restricted while they made a glutton of themself??? Fuck that! If you are fat, that's your fault. Nobody made you over eat. Nobody made you indulge on a cake. Nobody should feel sorry for you spoiling yourself. Get some fucking willpower, and stop attacking skinny people for having some. You are not big boned. You do not have a medical disorder. You have a mental disorder. No self respect

Alice Red says:

Whenever you put on your whiney voice, you kinda sound like Sheldon. I enjoy that.

Zachary Welsh says:

It’s a doggy

Caryn Gibson says:

I get that people lie but at the same time I'm shocked by the people who don't believe ANYTHING. If I believed in luck I would wonder what kind of lucky lives these people have led.

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