8 Short Funny Stories – Taking The Biscuit

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8 Short Funny Stories, humour for the whole family! Over 2 hours of audio including:

1. Taking The Biscuit – read by James Bolam – 0:00
2. The Way To A Man’s Heart – read by Julia McKenzie – 10:18
3. Edward’s Problem – read by Hayley Mills – 24:51
4. Wish You Were Here – read by Penelope Keith – 44:05
5. Dear Mr Previn – read by Prunella Scales – 59:51
6. Twenty Five – read by Brian Blessed – 1:12:35
7. Goodbye Gertie – read by June Whitfield – 1:29:00
8. A Likely Story – read by Andrew Sachs -1:43:21


Deborah P says:

I'm listening to this as I eat a kit-kat with my left hand.

Gray Wolf says:

#3 "what"

Dianna Diatz says:

These remind me of some of Raol Dahl's stories,. Excellent performers. So much irony. Just discovered your channel.

michael says:

excellent narrators 👍

London .CHANEL says:

Enjoyable simple stories.

Mangohead Quarters says:

Enjoyed every minute, MangoHead Likes

Arcel Glenn Mayrena says:

1. The first story's great. It was quite funny, the twist was hilarious 🙂
2. Not really a deep story and not 'family friendly'. All her fears were also quite ungrounded, and it tells the listener that if you do something out of spite, you'll end up happy. Quite a shitty message, actually.
3. This was a sad story if you think about it. The kid's background and the shame surrounding his dilemma were quite tragic. I'm glad this had a positive ending.
4. I can't empathise with such a nasty character. The 'twist' at the end was stupid. Feel free to skip this.
5. The writing was really good. I am just so disappointed that the ending was so…abrupt? Yeah, we get it, you regret what you wanted all along. The ending could have been wittier.
6. I won't call this story comedy per se; but, it's an interesting story. Did the story just insinuate that the woman was a whor- you know what, I think I can conclude this on my own. I would also like to believe that this renewed their feelings for each other because there is so much more beneath the surface of their marriage.
7. I feel bad because it felt like it was being set up to something greater and the ending just fell really short. That punchline was stupid. I get the 'moral' of the story, just that it could have been presented better.
8. Long winding and so many irrelevant details for a short story, this story could have been cut by a third. I saw the ending a mile away. The shenanigans were quite funny, but really unbelievable.

Anyway, I really loved the first story. Shame, majority of the other stories did not live up to the quality of the first. Great narration for all of them, though 🙂

Colleen White says:

1st story is reminiscent of The Cookie Thief poem

Alexa Penn says:

Just love the Gertie story – the young mother is just adorable. . . :}
The last one was hilarious – almost worthy of the situations of Wodehouse.

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