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Genius moments, never expected that to work out. Reddit’s r/AskReddit Story: What’s your top “Holy s**t, that worked?” moment? — 500 LIKES AND I WILL UPLOAD MORE FUNNY REDDIT STORIES!
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Emma Abi Daoud says:

I was updating a game and it stayed on 5% for 15 min, I thought if I just pause and un-pause it it will go faster, 5 seconds later it’s at 100%… why did that work?

InnocentDoodles says:

8:39 Lol I use the same logic to make the food come in a restaurant by going to the bathroom

Nate Langston says:

load fast, pupper

Maxner says:

It would be so great if you include a link to the original Reddit threat! Anyway, love your vids.

Over Kill107A says:

Load fast, pupper

Melodemonica says:

Load fast, pupper!!!!1

Moire Reilly says:


Wolfie54545 says:

Load fast, pupper

The normal dude 1833 says:

Load fast, Pupper

The normal dude 1833 says:

Load fast, Pupper

Bownie Tomazini says:

In my experience and repeated sucess, the best way to deal with broken appliances is punching it

hayden storer says:

Load fast, pupper

anne welch says:

That lighting a cigarette while waiting for the bus works, my late husband did it all time. My trick is to ask the traffic light to turn, I say come on light turn and it does.

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