Joe Rogan – Ryan Sickler Tells Funny Stories About His Schizophrenic Cousin

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Ryan Sickler tells Joe about his schizophrenic cousin.


Bönzeaux Bleügreen says:

What the hell? What a place to end the clip. Where’s the next part of this video? I want to hear about his story.

RealTalk Z says:

How that working for you ? Hhahahha

quanathan says:

video ends with rogan talking about dmt hahahahhahaha

Jonathan Niday says:

Joe “buddy of mine” Rogan

Geraldine Wheesk says:

This made me laugh SO hard during work fuck, thanks 😂🤣

KaskaVenom says:

No wonder I affected a school, the classroom had this happen, n with fam n friends

zac says:

Joe Rogan just said Sally "Fields". It's Sally "Field". Mandela effect confirmed.

Glorified Nuggets says:

Favorite guest

Cameron Angel says:

He take a cab to the house demand they pay for it they wouldn't he'd throw a brick threw the window

Slo Poke says:

One of my favorite stories on here except for the Donald Cerrone cave diving story

Columbine Kid says:

Why are all schizophrenics into karate?

Dobito says:

Full podcast??

JoeEyeMonster says:

Mental illness is scary shit. I've had my taste of it… Mania (Manic episode) lasting for several months as a result of way too much pot smoking. Depression… So bad, I couldn't even sweep a pile of leaves.

Before anyone jumps on me for saying negative things about marijuana… I was on prescription meds at the time as well. Mixing all that shit up in an abusive manner? It'll take its toll one way or the other. No fun being stuck in a hospital, psychiatric ward with all types of people with various mental issues.

Ran Bande says:

6:14 aye some say people who binged a TV show for more then 4 hours are more likely to be easily indused into that state

Ran Bande says:

1:24 i tell ya they got ways to get people to a state of insanity like this ,
visit a future clinc one time ,they sit you on a chair tell you to wait all the sudden your thumb gets stung like a sugar blood test then they signal them your good to go
without any explanation or discussion about why the hell you were sitting there
then you sit at home thinking hey what the hell isn't possible as youll build up to belive the craziest shit
possible , just from doctors messing with your mind one time , or really warning you of what is possible

Jacob Griffin says:

That's how you get the gay, being around sympetically

goldenfvce says:

how do you smoke 7 packs a day. like how is that even possible. you would have to be chain smoking back to back the whole day and never stop. hoooooooly shit. RIP lungs.

西依 says:

Manipulation suggestion

Philip L says:

Big dawg schizophrenia is not contagious it is a mental illness that runs in the family the only way they would become schizophrenic too is if they crossed that mental line into paranoid schizophrenic

Bros Bassin says:

Used to work with a schizophrenic at a golf course, dude would be speaking to a wall and thinking it was his dead dad. He paid his own money to make a memorial for his dad on the side of the driving range. He was totally addicted to cigs and caffeine tho

Covey Carter says:

A carton of cigs is 10 packs not 20. So it’s 3 packs a day not 7

Pete Goodman says:

I can relate, my "Uncle Bill" aka " Wild Bill" was the coolest and nicest guy tho on his good days

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