(More) Rules That Backfired 100% After Being Implemented (Funny Reddit Stories)

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A New Part of AskReddit Stories Series: What’s one rule that your school/workplace has implemented that absolutely backfired? — 3000 LIKES AND I WILL UPLOAD MORE REDDIT STORIES!

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1FoxTwoFox says:

my work (bank) said that a cash deposit of $20,000 and up has to be approved by a manager which could take up to 2 days, so people just deposit 19,999 or 10,000 in one branch and the rest in another. really dumb

Sleepy Sonambula says:

Thanks Magic Exam Cat!

Forsaken Vipoerx says:

my school just like many others did implement some dumb rules. (but my school supposedly had some of the brightest and, dullest minds going to school there.)
I cant really remember any dumb rules, however they did end up buying a locking mechanism for the cafeteria (the entrance on the inside of the school.) that way if someone broke in and had a weapon they wouldn't be able to get in. (unless they were rocking a battering ram or, shotgun.)

Ethan Fiske says:

8:40 why communism falls apart into a dictatorship: no motivator until fear becomes the motivator.

endergirl1421_YT says:

My school randomly drug tests

Randomly has dogs come in

Will call police if any thing gets stolen

(Actually once this kid thought someone stole his bag of takis and they called the police)

Will go on a man hunt if you try leaving school

No shorts above the knee
(Yet everyone wears shorts above the knee)

No holes above the knee unless it’s covered

No sleeves shorter than your elbow

(Basically no tanktops, spaghetti straps, or no t shirt sleeves above the elbow)

We used to be able to have phones at lunch but now we can’t

No phones in class unless it is not in sight or you have permission to use it
(Most teachers let us)

They don’t do anything about bullying

The lunches suck
(Here are some stories: so back when I was in 5th grade my school cooked oranges 🍊, there was a dead worm in a salad, gnats in salad, moldy oranges 🍊, and just rotten food.)

No phones in state testing site
(Except my teacher… we every kid spilt with different teachers depending on their learning abilities… anyway my teacher let us have phones but if it went off EVERYONE got a 0%)

No food or drinks in class unless permission

No gum in choir (probably band too)

No talking in the halls
(Even though EVERYONE does it and no one cares)

No sleeping

No horseplay

If you don’t listen to a sub you get a Friday school
(Luckily no sub has done that yet)

Some of these are basic rules I can understand yet some aren’t

MissMiia says:

In our school we have a cafeteria owned by the school and an area designated for kiosks owned by local and international fast food joints. Well the school hated that the students would buy from the kiosks and then eat inside the cafeteria, so they closed the doors that connected the two areas. Now only a quarter goes inside the cafeteria, and half of them are students who use the tables to study.

Neustrashimy says:

8:54 this is the reason socialism is doomed to fail

God Isgod says:

We had the stoplight in elementary school but it was messed up so the higher the sound the more yellow it got. So the squeekers set it off immediately.

Poker FloppityFlop says:

Thank you cat wizard 🙂

Keigan Scott-Lynch says:

Did OP for the school stoplight story and I go to the same Elementary school or was mine not the only one who got that idea. That exact same thing happened with me.

GO AWAY! says:

In fifth grade, we had a field with a soccer field a Gaga put and a ton of open space, as well as a play ground.

We aren’t allowed to play tag on the play ground, but jumping off the out of the equipment is ok. Rain? No field? No exercise!
So we orginzed a protest. We’re lying on the ground just talking.
Hope it works!

kazafian says:

C'mon magic exam cat. Gimme that awesome test magic so i can pass nursing final tomorrow!

Kai Z says:

Lol this is my get to sleep video but too good, keeps me awake listening.

snıɹɐɯ says:

5:57 omg we live right by lone dell we played them in basketball in middle school.
Small world right? Wait no, it's pretty big🙃

Simon Griswold says:

Yay I will pass my exams

notre dame is lit says:

the prohibition

TheRealConservative says:

5:46. Holy crap, my elementary school had the same thing, except I only remember us using it in kindergarten and possibly first grade. I remember it sitting there dormant for the following years. This would have been in 2009 or 2010, though.

Sckoux Da Sckoux says:

pretty sure that's illegal

TraustiGeir says:

8:26 Gosh, and here I thought that hourly wage was the way to go. Not a good idea to paint all industries with the same brush I guess.

Luis Flores says:


TheLegend 27 says:

I had one of those “noise stoplights” before it was pretty similar

Muhammad Aayan Ali says:

Hopefully i pass

maddie geier says:

Got ap tests this week. Exam cat help me

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