Most Infuriating Double Standards Ever (Funny AskReddit Stories)

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Garrett Craney says:

Mom: leave me alone

Also mom: proceeds to be up my a** about cutting my side burns

TriForceGaming says:

"You can not play on your console too long. Oh, watching TV? Do it for as long as you please."

Joe Baumgart says:

I'm Asexual so I live alone. If I want to play some Vidya, I play some vidya! If I want to have a beer at Noon, I just do it! Being alone is great!

Tracen Adams says:

Marking fun of guys sexually is what caused a buddy of mine to kill himself because he banged a girl and she said and I quote “it’s not as big or long as my 24” dildo” end quote

prince says:

k attack me or w/e but you actually cant be racist towards white people. its not double standards because the situation is ENTIRELY different. nobody legit hates white people either, yall just like claiming oppression points

RandomGamesYT says:

Girl: Uses tumblr

Girl: Sees ex using tumblr

Girl: Insults him over text for the next 6 months on why he can’t use tumblr

FlashQuatsch says:

I once asked my manager (smoker) if I could take an oxygen break like the smokers took cigarette breaks. He paused and said "yeah…".

ViciousProphet says:

Woman relaxes in bath with candles and bubbles for hours on a weekend…she's just tried and stressed.

Man sleeps on a couch on the weekend…WHAT ARE YOU DOING YOU LAZY MAN?!?!?

ViciousProphet says:

9:05 the sexual humiliation of Men is truly a problem. Like the new Netflix show Bonding! "Hooray a strong female dominatrix! Take that silly boys!!" Yeah, but 90% of the show is making fun of fetishes and especislly men's sexual preferences. Also, the mousey girl who becomes a Dominatrix who tops the Male CEO is literally the oldest, and now most sexist, trope in history. What about the female politician that gets topped by the Janitor? Oh right, to normal people that's an episode of Criminal Minds!!! Double standards are as bullshit as things can be.

Too Slav To Function says:

Amen to the Cat Pope! 😂

ann f says:


I’ve met cat poop

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