People Share Their Dumbest Injuries (Funny Stories) (r/AskReddit)

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People share the dumbest ways they ever injured/hurt themselves, funny Reddit stories!

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SPF infinity SPF infinity says:

This is sum final destination shit lol

W. Jack and kids says:

When I was little, I would throw a ball at my ceiling and… I hit the ceiling light…it shattered and landed on me and I stepped on the glass.

I was dumb as F.

XxGachaWolfxX * says:

I broke my foot getting out of bed. Seriously, don't ask😂

Fortnite Trash says:

I was a dumb kid and my grandma bought me one of those jumbo pencils, it came with a jumbo eraser too, I stuck my thumb into it and twisted, alot of blood came out but I didn't scream because then my grandma would come, so I just slowly walked to the bathroom and ran my bloody finger over some cold water.

Steamloco says:

Fell off a small table I normally hop over to access a storage rack for my model trains and nearly gave myself a concussion. In my defense, I was 12-13 and I normally put my trains on right infront of the controllers, it was faster to hop over this table than go around the train table, which was the size of a minivan.

Run Awae says:

Oh boy do I have a good one.
So, here's the scene: it was picture day, 2017 I think. I had just gotten my picture taken and was waiting by the bleachers in the gym for the other kids in my class to finish their pictures. Some kids had the brilliant idea to start cartwheeling around, (I bet you can see where this is going) it was a little crowded in that particular spot, kids were walking around and stuff. My friend Noname did an awful cartwheel, and me being the kind of show off I am decided to one up her. (I had just learned how to cartwheel and thought it was very cool) anyway, I declare to everyone by the bleachers that I was going to show her how it was done, I then proceed to start my cartwheel, get about Midway though, then as my cartwheeling legs are flying through the air I accidentally kick someone, sending me off balance while I am in the middle of my cartwheel and upside down, crashing down on my head. My neck ended up stretching in some weird way from falling directly down on my head while I was upside down. Soon a crowd of people from my class were gathered around me. I tried to get up and be all like "Oh I'm okay 👌". Turns out I was not okay, when I tried to get up my whole body started doing this vibrating thing. I layed back down. My mom came to pick me up after the nurse did the whole cuncossion protocol thing. My parents called the doctor and they had me come in. Ended up being very lucky walking away with only a minor cuncossion and a sore neck. I had to stay in the hospital for 5 hours though as they had to monitor me. Teacher ended up telling the class I went home sick. Haven't done a cartwheel on hard floors or anything other than soft grass since, especially not in crowded areas. Always be careful with gymnastics stuff, even if it's just as simple as a cartwheel. But it was very stupid nevertheless.
TL:DR: Tried to one up friend who did a terrible cartwheel in gym on picture day, accidentally kicked someone while cartwheeling and ended up with a minor cuncossion
3/10 would not recommend
I'll give it 3 for the funny rumors people came up with

Agnes Toljamo says:

I was like 7 and i was riding my scooter like a savage around the block. I saw a big crack on the road and thought ”whAt woUld hAppEn iF i jUst kEep gOinG ovEr tHe cRack” .. Long story short i didin’t ride my scooter for over a month.

Sindre Rydland says:

Hate this voice, good vid tho

sonicj Polygon says:

when i was in school we had this bike shed which was just plastic in a semi-cylinder shape with some metal poles to hold it up, and i used to jump onto it and bounce off. one day, after i hadnt done it in a while, i tried it and fell through and scraped my knee pretty bad (it wasnt severe, just hurt like fuck)

Internet Troll says:

when i was little, i ran into a cabinet so hard it permanently damaged one of my baby teeth.

Damian Bisha says:

I was sitting on low brick fence, my feets was like 5cm off the ground, when I jumped off I put my feet on werid angle and broke my leg, 1 month in gypsum

Zack Northcott says:

The dumbest way I injured myself.
Well one afternoon me and my brother were jumping from the coffee table to the couch (and just generally running around like little kids), I decided that it would be a great idea to jump though the air in a superman style and yell ‘superman to the rescue’. As I land on the couch my arm is thrusted into one of the little tiny gap things on the couch. As I pull my arm out i see my arm is all bent a crooked. I did not cry and actually thought it was really interesting. My mum looks over from the kitchen and see’s my arm and she instantly yell’s (my dads name) call the ambulance!!! She frantically rushed over and I only just realise my arm is broken. She is super concerned and this is when I start to get teary not because it hurt but mainly because of the way it looked. I wait with my mum for the ambulance to arrive and as they arrive they ask some questions and give me green whistle. After taking one little gasp of green whistle I fall asleep and wake up in an ambulance. I see my dad there looking down at me and I am laying in a bed. I must of fallen asleep again but when I wake up I’m being rushed to a room (just like in the movies except maybe not so frantically as it was just a broken arm), when I get to the room they just put me behind some curtains and my family comes in. I waited at the hospital for a bit and then they say we’re free to go .

When I return to school I bring markers and all the people in the class sign my cast ( it was so cool as I was only in prep). The end.

YouShallPassGas says:

Shot a sniper rifle without eye protection and put my eyes too close to the scope. When I shot the scope nailed me and now I have a scar above my right eyebrow from the face wound, which bled everywhere. I was laughing when it happened though.

User Name says:

Nice, someone who actually puts the text large enough, you’ve got a new sub. You’re gonna blow up friend.

Zamasu God says:

Nice vid Reddit Master! I recommend you change the voice of the robot as it gets annoying, thank you!

Walamonga 1313 says:

OOF I've had so many ridiculously stupid injuries…example: as a kid I stabbed my head with a pencil by falling on top of it (like a dumbass, I held the point up) due to me tripping on some classmate's schoolbag. Have never seen as much blood in my life as on that day. Thought I was gonna die…

DankDaniel Reddit Readings says:

saw a comment of yours and checked out the channel. got yourself a new sub. keep up the great work friend

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