People Who Were 1 in a Million Share Their Stories (Funny Reddit Story r/AskReddit)

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Faruque Imrul says:

Is it bad i have a brother who’s 6 foot 9 Pls don’t it

Lucas Goerg says:

That bot reading “Mr………….Gold!”

KJP 8014 says:

Giddy up pupper

Being meguca is suffering. says:

Giddy up, pupper.

Trash Panda says:

Kinda funny how no one in this video knows how to spell desert

Jaswinder Sandher says:

12:52 wait is that rare? I have that, and so do a few of my friends…

Chris mull says:


Axel says:

Roses are red
Violets are blue
Omeaua mo shinderu

Lil Fungus says:

giddy up pupper

*I am drum.* says:

1:50 Thats actually 1 in 531.441

Taebae Turnsup says:

I hope you fine you’re match soon….three

Vamer Hazard says:

My friend got a knife on csgo. The thing is, he wasn't even ranked and that was his first case.

Staka Duggan says:

robot man: dessert

Jonathan ponce says:

Mr………….. GOLD

Nova Eeman says:

Pls don't Google Hailey Hailey disease

Paws says:

1:54 is not “literally one in a million”, it’s one in 531.441.

Patience Tarron says:

I'm allergic to regular yogurt as an aquired allergy in adulthood. No idea what that's about because the the INTERWEB KEEPS REFERRING ME TO MILK ALLERGIES AND LEAVES OUT YOGURT ENTIRELY

Booo Ya says:

1 in a million isn’t that special. Still 7000 people like me lol.

Racecar the Destroyer says:

Once me and my brother were at party city and they had mario kart backpack hanger grab bags and the first one that my brother picked up had the rare golden mario

Sreekanth r2 says:

I have a mole on my tounge
Edit: Just a little mole on my tounge tip that's it

Philferno says:

It was a Tuesday afternoon at a mall, I was just casually walking alone to the bookshop when I walked past the bank store's ATM and it was just spitting out money. A LOT. Besides me there were two security guards at the end of the corridor but they didn't seem to notice. Otherwise it was completely empty.

The ATM was beeping, with a slip sticking out saying "Error: blah blah" and someone's card – but nobody there.

Looked around, put the money in my bag, and went on my way.

$2250 is what I made that day from pure luck. Never got caught or questioned whatsoever.

L Svensson says:

jesus 36 platinum

Franz Ferdinand says:

Mr………………… GOLD!!

PetrEh says:

Giddy up pupper!

Cuber0605 says:

I was 1 in a 1 million of me existing

Duolingo says:

10:11 with all the sevens here i think he is the second Jesus.

Duolingo says:

3:19 i bet that ni🅱🅱a right there is Thor or some shit like that and its just his middle earth ex gf. I bet he faked his death too.

Rylie says:

I have hypermobility in my eyes.

Jonathan Rising says:

My friend was born on June Sixth 2006 or 6/6/6

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