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Ahrea dussault says:

ive been the person the chef comes out and goes "you can't at all be serious. I need to see you eat this" i gave the place five stars and the food was amazing. I'm never rude and don't need a refund if it isn't spicy enough. not every restaurant carries super spicy food.

chris cooke says:

Ugh damn robot voice. Dislike.

Edgar Matzinger says:

Why the robot voice?

Doggen Haus says:

Didn't like safety salt story since innocent people were hurt. Hopefully, pregnant woman and her unborn child are okay. Better MC plan is to draft memo to Facilities Manager that, as per company rules: (1) he/she must provide written directive of new policy to limit salt use to a specified amount of X pounds per snow event. (This is so FM can't fire worker for poor judgment if a fall occurs, namely, "i just asked the guy to try to cut down overall salt use for the year. I thought anyone with common sense would know to use more salt for severe icing conditions.") (2) As new policy affects safety of staff/guests, company's Occupational Health and Safety person must sign off on it. (3) Since increased risk of falls due to new policy, which could expose company to multimillion dollar injury liability, Risk Management (the company's lawyers) also must approve the new policy before it can be implemented.

Amadia Stockbridge-garduno says:

I liked the Fried chicken one I wondered if they named the dish after the guy

Sierra Foxtrot says:

Oh hey. I also maek one of these. I liked and subbed. Check me out!


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