r/MaliciousCompliance #2 | TACO BELL ISN'T FOOD? | Reddit Funny Stories

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Kat Murphy says:

Wow. Sounds like age discrimination on the part of the manager in that restaurant one. Or maybe just a miserable a-hole on a power trip. Some people should not ever be managers.

Kat Murphy says:

I HATE parents who give orders with the justification of "because I said so." Sounds like she's just a control freak who needs someone to boss around.

Lawrence Eytcheson says:

The enunciation on this last one is ATROCIOUS,as is the syntax and spelling, or am I missing something?

Joshua Wood says:

What is the name of the music?

Lone Renegade says:

hate computer generated voice overs, thumbs down from me

Y0ungki11a206 says:

I just found this channel and I love it! Good stories! Havent heard anyone in any video before. (A lit of stories are getting reused). So thank you!

Wolf Cuntorsuorisrex says:

The 1st story when they followed boss, I just of mg5 and and solid snake

ZarHakkar says:

"I notice that she (new manager) had been eyeing me up that entire time, and after we locked eyes, she quickly came."

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Ryan Thompson says:

Dislike the computer voice. It sounds unnatural and the computer mispronounces easy words and very common abbreviations. I get how much harder it is to read off the posts but your followers would appreciate the extra effort.

Kimojuno says:

I like the professor in the last one. He admitted his mistake and, although begrudgingly, recognized his failure in doing so.

brony pony says:

Im ok with your channel but you could put a little more effort in your videos like read it instead of copy and paste in a text to speak got your whole ending takes about 10 minutes but other YouTube take hours to do one video which shows that they care so maybe you can read the script put a few jokes in there maybe some memes just to liven up your Channel

Joy Davis says:

I hate computer voices. ANNOYING

bradwolf07 says:

I work in Retail, and while this story doesn't involve me, I wanted to share it for Malicious Compliance. My co-worker was the guy who ran the PETS department at the time. He stocked the shelves, fixed shelfs, etc. PETS Department can get 12 pallets or more on a busy night. When he finishes stocking a pallet, the backstock (that is what we call the product wherethe shelf location is full), he would condense it all down onto one pallet (if possible). Well one day a Manager on the next shift demanded that he stop condensing down the backstock pallets. If it came on the pallet, it goes back on the pallet (I'm paraphrasing a bit). So that is what my co-worker did. The next day, said Manager came in to find 8 palets with very little backstock on them. Said Manager had to take care of the pallets. Said Manager quickly changed his tune and allowed him to condense the pallets again. He then explained he meant bagged dog food with bagged dogged food, cat treats with cat treats, etc. It would have gone smoother if the Manager had actually talked to my co-worker instead of disrespectfully ignored him and just ordered him around.

bradwolf07 says:

That first one…beautiful. It didn't pay to be a d*ck, huh landlord?

Cameron McManus says:

What’s with the stupid fake voice?

winger odyssey says:

Started watching this just after i had taco bell. And the thing is i had the video active before i had dinner. And the taco bell wasn’t my idea

ImaNerdANDaGeek says:

Why is ice mandatory?

Adam Bartlett says:

Why not just no eating in the classroom, no issues why would a lawyer feel compelled to needlessly complicate things when 1 word subtraction solves everything, both this specific thing & all the endless copycats trying to get a higher grade.

I guess the old adage those who can, do; those who can't, teach.



Theresa Swan says:

I hate the computer generated voice. Please read the stories yourself.

Webster11234 / says:

Have you ever thought of voicing it yourself. I love reddit stories and listen to them wile going to bed yours just came on I the list and it jarred me awake with how hard and unsettling the robotic voice was. They were good stories but maybe put in a little more effort.

It’s Potato says:

Nice work it was in my recommended and I think you should have more subs

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