Randomly Woken Up in Hospital, What Happened? (Reddit Doctors Stories r/AskReddit)

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A new r/AskReddit funny Reddit Story. Part of medical stories and doctors of reddit series: People who have surprisingly woken up admitted into a hospital, what happened?

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FreshAcy says:

A dude I know once picked me up.
, he apparently had drunk but I didn't know that as I got in the car. He drove and whilst driving took another shot I was like "IS THAT ALCOHOL ARE U FUCKING KIDDING ME" but that motherfucker didn't get why I was so outraged "I do this all the time, I'm not drunk it's just a shot" I am so happy that nothinv happened that night I was furious but he just wouldn't listen his macho instincts kicked in and was all like "you females always so fearful yall don't know how to have fun blah blah blah" never seen him since but I told everyone about it but try to keeping a 6.3 foot macho dude away from something that they think is pushing their ego🤦🏻‍♀️

MakaylaTheBest says:

I’m a recovering drug addict, and the amount of times of woken up in a hospital with no memory as to how I got there are unnecessary lol about 4 or 5 times, from overdosing mostly, one time I blacked out on Xanax (before I used heroin) and while I was being arrested at the hotel I was staying at (apparently I couldn’t find my own car and was just trying to open random cars) my heart suddenly slowed down so much they couldn’t detect a heart beat, I woke up a few days later with a bunch of machines attached to me feeling so out of it, slept a few more days and my grandparents just took me home. I told them everything of course, but with my subsequent overdoses I now have permanent damage to my heart and receive regular EKGs. Please don’t do drugs guys

Queen Sunstar says:

I was lounging on the couch one minute, and waking up on a gurney in the ER on the way for a chest X-Ray. Breathing hurt. This dumbass managed to roll off the couch and crack her sternum.

The Don Vuitton says:

When I was around 6 or 7 I was ice skating for the first time and couldn’t figure out how to brake properly and ended up falling backwards….. next thing I knew I was waking up in a hospital bed not remembering anything that happened during the previous 6 or 7 hours and stitches closing a 3 inch gash on the back of my head

Miles Prower says:

Reverse psychology doggo doesn't work on me.. ouch

FaoLOr64 Animations and short movies says:

Was in the classroom
Woke up in the clinic
Turns out I tell backwards of my chair and hot the back of my head on the table behind me
Thank God I'm alive

Shiiba says:

Cermet did not enjoy being put in stupid video

emoAnarchist says:

my kidneys failed. later on i was in the hospital getting an infection treated, i was very uncomfortable and as such a little aggravated. one of the nurses gave me something to "help me relax". it was something that's normally removed by your kidneys. i spent the next week waking up in random places with no idea how i got there. it took three sessions of dialysis before it was gone.

Mr. Nemesis says:

To make you feel better, the drunk or high driver that hit them is going to jail for a LONG LONG time. Even if they do get released, their life is already ruined

Margaret Anthony says:

The last one sounded so casual from the music that was playing in the backround

Noodle boii says:

i passed out and had seizure-like symptoms for about 15-30 minutes? idk my mom never figured it out but I came to in the ambulance, feeling woozy as hell and going in and out of consciousness. I had a hematoma on the back of my head for a while from where I hit the ground. Found out after a very similar event a year later and going to a different, more reliable doctor that I had a vaso-vagal syncope episode because of my sodium deficiency. He said I should just drink a gatorade everyday bc they have a good amount of sodium. nothing has happened since, except if i go without my daily gatorade now I get tunnel vision. Id hate to go without one

the wizard says:

one time i had a disease that didn't get treated for over a year, teacher refused to open the window in american summer heat, i was wearing layers, and i passed out. i woke up like a day later, turned out it wasnt just heat stroke- the disease gave me like, 14 vitamin deficiencies and i was supposed to be dead and there was no reason i should have been able to move around and be alive. one of my favorite stories

Trevor says:

Was playing kick ball in the gym. Ball came flying towards me. I jump to catch the ball falling back landing on my head.

kiara calloway says:

Hahaha am i a rebel know MOM

Adonis Calcifer says:

The way it pronounces "fiancé" is painful

Rachel Reviews says:

2:26 his best regular was by his side? That is so sweet.

Rachel Reviews says:

0:21 that is a way to start off a video. Did this dude seriously get hit by some drunk moron? I would be so livid.

Cheyenne Is My Name says:

Had a grand mal seizure

Maxmax79 says:

Ok reverse psychology dog you cant trick me clicks subscribe

FandomCrazedGirl 247 says:

You win reverse psychology doggo

Pebblespeck says:

What are you talking bout Knowledge doggo is CERMet

Julian Monette says:

y’all ever stood up too fast and traveled to another dimension?

Yeah, this guy got fucking beamed up

Luis Unbekannt says:

temperature of ca. 108 degrees . Over the boiling point of water and survived. I think that is highly unlikely

Luna Katze says:

Woo clearwater FL! My homie town lol

joshua nicely says:

In my early 30's I was riding pillion on a 4 wheeler with my best friend. We wrecked, hit an empty boat trailer parked half in the road and half in someone's front yard. I woke up in the hospital 5 days later and saw my mother reading a book in the corner and I asked her if I could go home. They released me but I had to be supervised for a few months. My friend was killed and I was helicoptered to the hospital in a coma….I remember nothing….and I miss my friend. I'm 47 now and I've learned that time doesn't really heal anything, it doesn't get better you just learn to live with it.

Animaster says:

Was sitting in history class and randomly woke up on a stretcher in an ambulance, talked some nonsense, blacked out again and woke up in a hospital. Turns out I'd had a seizure in class and another one during the previous night, which led to me breaking my right shoulder, and I'm epileptic.

kristina sophie says:

Before video me: I expect to hear a lot of crazy drunk stories

Yuisawa says:

That last one was sad af

Mushu says:

Mine is a story of how my dad saved my head from bashing into the windshield. I was sitting in the middle of the back seats when I was like 6? and obviously did not have the a seatbelt, parents in the front seats, I was looking at the road so I would not get sick when suddenly dad was forced to brake by the guy in front, don't remember why. I flew towards the windshield and dad caught me in a panic when my head almost hit the glass.

Eli says:

What's that sound at 5:35 lmao

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