Reddit Police: "They Could Have Gotten Away With It, BUT.." šŸšØ (Funny Reddit Stories r/AskReddit)

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A new Reddit Police Story from r/AskReddit: Police officers of Reddit, what was your “they could have gotten away with it if they had kept their mouth shut” moment? — 1000 LIKES AND I WILL UPLOAD MORE REDDIT STORIES!
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Lyra Jade says:

Keep fighting, Pupper, you are the goodest Pupper of them all

Keith Williams says:

Kelp fighting pupper

kailani yates says:

I was in traffic court and a sovereign citizen kept mouthing off to the judge and she was being really patient with him. All he had to do was admit that he was driving but he just kept saying stuff about "actually, the definition of (whatever) is…" She warned him that, if he didn't just answer the question as to whether or not he was driving, she was going to throw him in jail for 30 days. Then she said, "So, were you driving or not?" He went on with his bull and got himself 30 days in jail. Everyone in the gallery actually face palmed when he ran his mouth that last time. When the court officer came over and cuffed him, he suddenly wanted to answer the judge's question. What an idiot.

Allan Argueta says:

Keep fighting pupper… YOUR MY HERO!!!!

Guccipaperplate says:

Keep fighting pupper

Preyfr60 says:

I was on my way to visit a friend.
Around 10AM, I got stopped on a freeway for driving 30 over the speed limit. I was pissed, but Oh well… I think it was a ā‚¬90 fine and 3 points on my license (12 points system)
After that, I calm down and end up on a narrow country road that passes through a lot of villages (so, usually, 90 kph out of villages, 50 kph in villages) but I'm following a truck that drives at 50 kph all the way. For 2 loooong hours…
When exiting a small town, the truck takes one road and I take the other. "Finally free!" I think and starts to speed up a bit, not looking at the speedometer.
On the left side of the road, further away, there is a line of trees along a small road and, as I arrive at that junction, I see a guy who pops out of the trees waving his arms at me. I brake to stop about 200-300 meters after that guy and do a U-turn in the middle of the road, thinking someone had an accident or something.
That was a police officer who was surprised to see me come back. I was driving (again) 30 over the speed limit.

That's how I got ticketed twice in 2 hours for exactly the same thing… Even though, the officer on the 2nd one told me I could have gotten away with that one…

fairy_ BestPlayz says:

Keep fighting Pupper ā™„ļø

RSdabeast says:

Keep fighting, pupper.

Jordan Maze says:

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I like FNAF And miraculous Ladybug says:

Iā€™m just gonna put this for the lols

Keep fighting pupper

JacksonPlayzMC says:

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Pat Ryder says:

"It was profiling: turns out they were arresting everyone driving on the sidewalk." šŸ™‚

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