Tattoo Artists' "Are You SURE?!" Moments (r/AskReddit Funny Stories)

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New AskReddit Stories: Tattoo artists of Reddit, what is your most “Are you sure?” Tattoo you’ve bee been asked to do/have done? — 2000 LIKES AND I WILL UPLOAD MORE REDDIT TOP POSTS!

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Triangle_Pants says:

Bee Been?


Kitten Dream says:

First tattoo artist I ever spoke to told us about how he tattooed a light saber on a doctor's weenie :T Popped the viagara in the shop and sat around for it to kick in and all

Madelyn Faford says:

Honestly if I ever get a tattoo I'ma get a tattoo of the sin of wrath from seven Deadly Sins on my arm

vhaelen says:

im not sure if i hate or love ppl who get their first tattoo either huuuuge or on painfull spots…or both. and tbh im one of those idiots, my first (and so far only) tattoo is on the right side of my ribcage however it is fairly small and i was pretty sure i could deal with the pain but it still stung like a bitch especialy when it was right above a rib

Proxima Playz says:

Heard a story of a guy wanting to get a dick tattooed, on his dick.

Lord Felidae says:

If I were to get a tattoo, it would either be a cat or a symbol I devised to represent myself.

isitaloneatlunch900 says:


Eli's Take says:

Just posted a vid. (Endgame Review)

Sail Hatan says:

Will never understand relationship tattoos. I'd get my barber's name before I get some girl's name tattooed. And why do people have to be so lazy with their requests? Ooh, angel wings on your back. I get it, cuz you're an angel? I'll get the entire map of Middle Earth tattooed on my back before I get angel wings.

Matt blacker says:

1:43 No it can’t be…..
I also know someone who has that tattoo. He lost a bet and had to get it.

dragonnight cz says:

The cutie mark one.

Alphakennyjuan Mikehawk says:

That bear is clearly unhealthy and suffering…

Gun Nut productions says:

Oh I want more of this thread, bad or weird tattoos are hysterical

NekoHazrd says:

9:28 feeahnkay

FawnIh \ says:

I feel like there should be a law that prohibits getting tattoos and piercings while intoxicated

Shawn Wow says:

Just saying, if you like MLP and want a cutie mark tattoo, go ahead it's not anymore childish than any other pop culture tattoo

Jammy Jam says:


Akki's Smash Stuff says:

The way the voice pronounced Fiancé kills me

Tristan Belcher says:

I wouldn’t ask for money
I would tell him that I would take it off for free if he sent proof that he got her ass back hardddd

SohJinh says:

Do not add anyone's name or face as a tattoo on your body. Nobody. Not anyone. You don't know what will happen. I know someone who had the names of his three children tattooed on his arm. Over a decade later and he'd had a massive falling out with two of them, and had them removed with lasers. The names, not the people.

A-OKAYtoBe’A’ says:

bee been

ColonelMiniPenguin says:

No one should get name tattoos if it’s a romantic partner if it’s like a relatives name that died it’s fine

Mike Mason says:

Sorry. I dont do robot voice videos. Stopped at 0:03 and moved on with my life.

WexMajor82 says:

Dapper willy was not a combination of words I expected to hear today.

Jonathan Reali says:


The F.B.I says:

Guy: I want the n word tattooed on my ballsack

Tattoo artist: Are you sure about that 🅱️oi?

Jiggly Cheese Cake says:

Not a bad tattoo, but still want to share
My mother was used as a canvas for an art contest. He said if he won he would pay for half the tattoo
The tattoo was a picture of David. Bowie. But as Jarred from Labrynth. It had a mini him in the crystal ball too. It's fucking amazing and the tattoo artist ended up winning

Kara Weaver says:

Won’t do a playbunny

But will do a shrek orgy


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