Teachers, Most Pretentious Thing a Student Has Said? (Funny Reddit Stories r/AskReddit)

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Michael Bell says:


Salem the Bat Cat says:

Eat tasty, pupper

Simmer Heart says:

What's pretentious about the princess one? They said she's a preschooler. Kids playing pretend is pretty normal.

Sarah Van Orden says:

Not a teacher but in my Economics class in High School we had to write a paper about the economics of something in our lives… I wrote about the medication I am on that is lifesaving that's about 10,000 dollars a week. Someone in my class wrote about the economics of owning a Birkin Bag and because nobody but a few people in our class knew what that was… she actually gave us a presentation about what they are.

Mr Esteban says:

@ 15:08 darn, i mean, i would do that if i had the courage to do it lmao. Darn legend

Michael Bell says:

I just love collar bars

Fran Espejo says:

Teacher: "This is the test of your life, so you better not miss it, unless you're in hospital dying"
Student: "And what if we suffer from sexual exhaustion?" (the rest of the students laugh)
Teacher: (After keeping his cool for a pair of minutes, waiting for the students to shut up) "It's questionaire, you can fill the squares with the other hand"

Nimo says:

Man…I keep thinking of when one of my teachers in high school heard me say "I don't hate anyone" and he snorted and was like "suuuuuure." I can't help but think I was one of these for him. Too bad I didn't get the chance to explain that, for me, hating someone means you'd be happy if they died. I definitely didn't hate anyone back then. lol

JT Fantham says:

eat tasty, pupper.

Queezer King says:

Eat tasty pupper

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