Top 15 True FUNNY Walmart People Stories

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In this top 15 list, we look at some very funny stories of people at Walmart. These stories are from the subreddit, tales from retail, and their authors are below. We haven’t done one of these “hilarious stories” videos in quite awhile, so let me know if you would like to see more in the future!

Narrated by: Sir Ayme (
Edited by: The Benson Brothers

Full credit for these stories go to their respective authors: khaosmaster, GeneralDisorder, occipital_spatula, Juliethenerd, occipital_spatula, cbhaga01, Blue_Spot, thelink225, Lithium43, sjc16, cheeringcharlie & yen-

“Kool Kats”
Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0


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This video was narrated by Sir Ayme.
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tasha Angell says:

Why are people insulting those who shop at walmart? I don't get it. My bf and I go to walmart regularly guess it's an American thing…thank god I am Canadian

Gracelander101 H says:

Why is 5 on this it is so cute not funny

Elaine Smith says:

The binkie exchange story was just beautiful.

Catlin Whiteside says:

It's 13items or less here in a Ontario Walmart…..but yeah, really Gram's?

Khadija Mayow says:

Who is rabaka courtmyer

Dr Spaseebo says:

Switched off after half a minute of annoying voice.

Jose Hernandez says:

"Get me some rope"😂😂

Jacob Snodgrass says:

Is the one on number 11 a catholic priest?

Madison Penrose says:

the voice impersonations are 👌

GD [hunger guy Boy] says:

This video wasn't scared

April Carson says:

Hahahaha a he came in with a woody lmao. Just let me slide my card ahahaha

Sliva Gaming says:

I put the chips on the BABY! 😳lol

my hot pocket says:

Verry chilling it gives me CHILLS

Karyn says:

No shade toward the person narrating but I think chills would’ve made this funnier lol

Baby J says:

Is it just me or would this have been a bit funnier if it were chills?

Baby J says:

I’m pretty sure #6 was basically someone doing the Good Samaritan version of a drive-by

TheChromebook Gamer says:

I want more Funny Videos

Hazy Eyes says:

I love his narration. It’s so bubbly

Tiffany Bailey says:

"that's an awesome woody you have there."

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