What Is the DUMBEST 100% SERIOUS Thing, People Said to You? (Funny Reddit Story r/AskReddit)

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Niles Sautter says:

I used to work at a buffet at a higher end hotel chain. There was this lady who pointed at the food sitting on ice and she asked me with all seriousness if it was cold.

CaTastrophy427 says:

OHHHH, have I got a good one for you, and it's a double whammy. My friend tells this story all the time.

He worked briefly at a local pizza place a year or so back. He had a few people waiting in line as he got a guy ordering boneless pizza and getting mad when it was just inputted as "pizza" (you could see it on a screen like in some drive-thrus). After a few minutes of explaining to the guy that all of their pizzas were boneless, he seemed satisfied and finished up his order. Apparently it came out to over $130, but I digress. The next guy, seemingly in all seriousness, said "I've never had pizza with bones… can I get a bone-in pizza with olives, pineapple, pepperoni, and sausage? I'd love to try it. I absolutely love eating chicken wings, so pizza wings would be best, if you have them"

Mandy Spaswick says:

"you can't reason someone out of a position they didn't reason themselves into" now that is good

E J says:

I literally cannot tell what is being said, the mispronounced words are way too numerous.

I dont know What i want to be called says:

Meanwhile when i was in 3rd grade.
Girl: What is sweden?
Boi, we live in sweden

bikes with mike says:

Drinkin with a friend of mine somehow the topic of humidity comes up. He tells me its impossible to have 100 percent humidity because you would be under water. Smh

Sick Bozo says:

a "feminist" pushing the wage gap narrative, then when challenged broke out in tears, screaming oppression and saying that my entire gender will be put in camps when (her) group takes over, because her narrative was disrupted…. for equality ey?

Adrian Bowling says:

Actually, getting a nose job can result in your children having smaller noses. Injuries like that that heal properly can sometimes leave a genetic mark, such as losing a finger and your kid being born with a stub in the place of that finger.

Blackmamba4798 says:

We have such bad drivers on the road why don't we let blind people drive? We wouldn't have to worry about them texting and driving.

ileee1 says:

okay I think that chicken storys waiter should have been fired on the spot… well that vine story is pretty easy and quick to demonstrate..

isabelle witthuhn says:

Me: if the sun were to crash into the earth we would all die.

Idiot: NO we can just run over to the other side where it’s still dark

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