What Most Interesting Dream Did You Wake Up From? (Funny AskReddit Stories)

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New Funny AskReddit Stories: Have you ever woke up in the middle of a dream and the dream was so interesting that you wanted to go back to sleep to see the end of it? If so, what was the dream? — 1000 LIKES AND I WILL UPLOAD MORE REDDIT STORIES!

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Part-Time Creators! says:

Sweet dreams doggo

spicy meme network says:

I have had a dream about my school turning into this place for monester captivity and they didnt let us go, but no one i knew from real life was there. I hid in a closet then heard a laugh and got the hell outta there, i'm not sure but i might've died a couple times then my mom picked me up but i went back cuz i had to save the place and we were about to kill the monsters and i woke up. Prob the best nightmare ever.

marie marie says:

sweet dreams doggo

Lucian Seelt says:

I was a bird. That could use a rope. The only bird who could use a rope. Couldnt fly. But could use a rope.

exeno rex mad rex says:

I had a dream at had Jurassic park kinda stuff in my house spino broke out people thought he was a ride they got eaten and I enter a helicopter and when I lift my feet up I go higher I sometime have the same dream

Can we like, ? says:

My friend (he lives in canada, I live in north carolina.)
I had a dream where in my real school, teachers were found dead. Our school has flat roofs and pretty high up depending on the part of the school, but it looked like teachers were commiting suicides from jumping. They didn't close school, they just cleaned the bodies and has us go on with our day. It happened for weeks until a student was found dead, yet we went to school anyway. Next thing you know, we're on lockdown, a man with a knife was in the school. Now, me and my small ground of friends were stuck in the hallways with a bunch of other students. A lot of kids were killed but no police seemed to come to our aid. I was holding my friends hands and trying to find a safe place, which we did but around the corner comes my friend, who should be in canada, covered in blood and holding a knife. We've seen each others faces and have talked multiple times, so he knew who I was, but instantly went to attack us. I woke up as soon as he stabbed my best friend, a sweet and innocent gal. I tried to go back to sleep because I wanted to see what else would happen, but it just started over at the teacher part and ended at him stabbing my friend.

I told him about it, and he laughed.

AuFish SD says:

For me, that dream was: some guy was trying to mind control Amy Rose, so that she can actually be useful in combat.

And there was an image that I saw, Amy, but the red was black, the white was red, and she was firing dual energy pistols, like Axl. (From MegaMan X)
The dream ended right after I saw that, though, and I never got to the part where he actually succeeded.

throwing Shade says:

I once had a dream where I was letting my two dogs in and a third came in, I didn't sleep for two days.. like actually not sleeping. Eh the dogs are more annoying than the demon ghost thing is

Michael King2 says:

Sweet dreams doggo

kyara meruwu says:

I had a dream where shrek was trying to destroy my house and its s c a r y

magstar123 says:

Where do you get your images for your thumbnails?

LadyRunefarmer says:

Flying in my dreams were always scary. I always flew really slow, had little to no control, and I almos always ran into power lines or the tops of trees.
I don't like flying dreams.

Arthur Fine says:

I was one sickly boy before I attended college. There were two occasions where I don't remember if it was the medication I took, but my room transformed into the night sky, with all the stars shining above me. And I am not making any of this up, I was drawing intricate patterns with my hands and doing some weird calculations. The entire thing was surreal and I did wake up numerous times going into the bathroom to blast my eyeballs with artificial light to clear my mind. But every time I went back, the night sky was there and I was doing astronomy, or at least I think I was, I had no degrees in astronomy and I am not planning to get any in the near future. This went on the entire night, and I wasn't tired in the morning despite believing I was fully awake doing star gazing, so I assumed it was probably a dream.
I think the sad thing is that despite almost probably most likely being high off of my prescribed drugs, instead of dreaming something surreal, but colorful and fun, I spent my time working an eight hour unpaid shift at an observatory. Man, the East Asian life…you can't escape school or work, even in your sleep.

Patrick Lloyd says:

All of them… Let's just say my brain lacks the mental fortitude and processing power to sandbox while unconscious. Once a dream becomes lucid, I am forced to continue playing along, or the dream will just cut out. Instant-black, eyes closed, still not woken up. My brain literally stops dreaming due to the organic equivalent of MEMORY_MANAGEMENT

If you try en Peter Pan, you're gonna run out of RAM

jaden neal says:

Sweet Dreams Doggo

Josh Johnsen says:

One time, when I was around 8, I had a dream where I was in this entirely black, white and grey neighborhood. Before I could do anything it all became darkness except for one house. I went into the front yard, where I saw many children with alphabet letters on their shirts and their skin. I, had the letter T. Suddenly, minecraft-like font appeared saying "You will all die, one by one, alphabetically, or, something like that. We all started to run and hide, watching in horror as our fellow "shadow children" were brutally mutilated by this doll-like girl with a knife. Before she could get me, I was suddenly in a monotone-black and white 1970's style city with no cars, people, or other shadow children; just towering buildings with no entryways and a playground/park-like area made of metal. It was like fence, or cage-like. It was like a conveyor belt. Then, the doll girl appeared behind me, causing me to run in the machine-like area and into a (Whatever those things that the main character from littlest pet shop rides down, but like a cage), ride up it, before entering a conveyor belt with smashers. I somehow didn't get crushed, but the doll girl did. Before I could move, I was suddenly falling infinitely, like Emmet from the lego movie. That's when it ended. There were a lot of other dreams/nightmares (mostly nightmares) that I had that were interesting. Such as:

Clown Dream: a dream where I had to escape from a clown through a funhouse
"Claustrophobia": the fastest dream ever; I was attacked by a jack-in-the-box-like entity with theater masks
"The World of Living Copper and Steel": I get ubducted by aliens, transported to an entirely metal world which is alive and an alien herself
Wandering Eye: A giant ogre-like robot with searchlight-like eyes looking through the windows of my home to catch me
and more!

Let me know if you want to hear about those!

Pepetheprotector 444 says:

i as 10 at he tim and i had a dream whre i was i bed i got up to ssee thing girl all opf sudden we are good friends and wher are haging out all the time and all of a sudden i was hugging her and she died in ym amrs and then i woke uop crying and just laying in bed crying for like 3 days i kept thingsas bout it an i cryed

michael bastarache says:

Yo redditers. Have you ever woken up from a bad dream, only to go back to sleep, and…. the damn dream continued?

S.S.C. Walker says:

This one from my dad: He had a dream he was in a cabin in Minnesota with the family. There were boy scouts being used as slave labor by the evil camp councillors not far from the cabin. The next day he found these kids in war paint and torn clothes. They were feral and had killed the camp councillor with camping equipment (axes, tent pins etc.). He turned to us and said "ya know… l don't think l enjoy it here as much as l used to."

Marius Ninjai says:

If you want to go back to the dream go to sleep in the same position you woke up

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