What New Rule Backfired Massively? (Funny Reddit Story r/Askreddit)

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A new r/AskReddit funny Reddit Story: What’s a rule that was implemented somewhere, that massively backfired? — 500 LIKES AND I WILL UPLOAD MORE REDDIT STORIES!
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Melkior Wiseman says:

Questionable about the "unintended consequences" but close enough:
Place where I used to work had a strict policy that you couldn't email certain attachments, including programs (sensible) and pictures (questionable). Filtering software automatically removed any such attachments. But you could still email documents, including those made with a certain brand of word processing software.
This particular brand of word processing software also had a "scripting language" which had the ability to both read and write a file, byte-by-byte.

I would occasionally browse news sites during my breaks and would find interesting pictures from news stories which I wanted to email to myself to keep for later. The pictures tended to be deleted after a short time so I couldn't count on them still being available after I got home.

Because I did (and still do) programming as a hobby, it didn't take me too long to figure out how to use the word processing program to convert any file into a word processing file so I could email it and convert it back to the original file at home.
So the unintended consequence was that I created a way to bypass their filter so whatever I sent in or out would be unmonitored, when if they'd been sensible they would have allowed pictures in and out but with a delivery delay so the attachment could be checked.

Jonathan Thomas says:

One day I complained about the stupid dogs begging for comments. Now he has a dog that doesn't require comments. I guess its progress


You have way too many ads dude. Tf

Ismael Flores says:

There is gonna be a new rule at target that I think is gonna backfire

TeeraFishy says:

Thanks, PostDoggo

TheDrexxus says:

Seems a lot of this wasn't that the rule itself was bad, just that human beings are shit eating assbags who break rules that don't have real consequences.

H I says:

The Stamp Act

King Belial says:

My dad implemented this house rule where’s you have to hand over your smart phones by 10 pm and take them back by morning. Turned out, a few of us has trouble getting up early so we set a bunch of alarms. Mine is the worse as it would ring every 5 mins starting from 4 am to 8 am. My poor mom had to keep getting up every 5 min to turn it off while my dad who wakes up at 8 can’t catch a sleep. The rules is now gone.

Guillermo Mora says:

It sounds like Barbados wanted it more

elephant35e says:

When I was in 6th grade, they banned peanut butter after the first or second week of school because of some kid with a peanut allergy. Less than a month later, they unbanned it because so many people complained. The peanut allergy dude was required to not sit next to anyone eating something with peanut butter at lunch.

thefallenprince99 says:

Here's an older one

Way over in 17th century india, "respectable" brits would obviously have to travel. Only one problem: cobers friggin everywhere. So the honorable East India Company placed a bounty on cobras, and a reward for their heads. Things didn't immediately backfire. Cober populations rapidly dropped, but eventually, there where almost no cobras on the streets, so the native indians started farming them. When the brits noticed there were no cobers on the streets they ended the bounty.

Scince all these indians were farming cobras for money, and they suddenly became worthless, they threw them out on the streets, and the brits were back to square one.

Edit: I've got a few more recent ones.

This one takes place in Mexico City, a place with a huge smog problem. It's so bad it's like there's always a caustic cloud over it. So the Gov.t decides to divide the population into sevenths based on their license plates and tell each one they aren't allowed to drive on a certain day of the week.

The problem was people still had to go to work, drive their kids to school, etc. so they went out and bought the cheapest junker they could find and drove that instead.

After a while, the air was palpably worse.

And here's one that's still going on.

In the US, if an endangered animal is discovered on your property, it was forfeited, and you couldn't build anything on it. This was to help endangered species.

I'll illustrate the problem with a hypothetical situation.

You've just turned 20 and your rich and amiable parents give you a big plot of land near a suburb. As your surveying it, Walmart shows up and offers $100,000,000 for your land. Who's to argue to that? So you give them the land and buy an even bigger plot somewhere in the woods. But at the last minute as you're surveying the land, you look up and see a spotted owl.

The unfortunate truth is that many have invented a saying for this situation: Shoot, Shovel, and Shut up.

And lastly there was a law to stop disabled persons from being discriminated. So they made it illegal to fire someone because of a disability.

I think you already see what went wrong.

If the disabled person got fired for a legitimate reason, they claimed it was because of their disability and raked in tons of lawsuit $$$. What happened was the employers wouldn't even hire them in the first place.

This crap happens unsettlingly frequently with gov.t, and it's one of the reasons why Venezuela is such a trash fire.

Spencer MacDougall says:

4:25 lol what? can i find this on youtube or was this decades ago?


as someone whos having a really rough time at the moment and also not a fan of the ending for most of these types of videos, i can say that the postdoggo made me smile and feel a bit better

Sasha Shallies says:

My old teacher had a swear jar. She got me for cussing so I dropped 50 cents in the jar, screamed FUUUUUUUUUUUCK THIS and walked out

Miguk Moonpark says:

Banning memes. Now people are searching/ creating more memes.

Barnyetta the Dinosaur says:

The doggo got me a girlfriend an hour before it even appeared!

You Is Dumb says:

The swear jar might work if you had some kind of competition to win the money i.e. A bowling tournament or something

Paigeinabook441 says:

Would never have commented if it weren't for that doggo at the end that didn't need action to wish me a good day. Because you didn't ask for it, have a like, a comment, and a sub!

Hedstown says:

crappy company I used to work for decided to start docking anyone who was even a minute late for a whole hour so anyone who knew they were going to be late just didn't show up till the hour was nearly up lol didn't last long

Michael Noonan says:

Why didn't people just leave the bar to take a piss?

3.14159265358979323846 26433832795028841 says:

In high school on Senior Skip Day, the school district decided to make the day a half day that they were going to already have, since they expected seniors to skip that day. So in response, seniors just skipped that day and the Monday after.

The Luxury Shovel says:

Post doggo is best doggo

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