What's the Most Regrettable Thing You Have Done in Bed? (Funny r/AskReddit Stories)

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NC 13582247 says:

Spin a whole 360° while inside her like a fucking beyblade because I thought it'd be sexy, and to be fair, she loved it.

Funcrackeh says:


Heyward Shepherd says:

Don’t do bath beads. Tide pods are much sexier plus it keeps her vag springtime fresh.

Evgeniy Zinchenko says:

wtf wtf wtf wtf wtf wtf

Uta Jinx says:

I decided it would be a good idea to put a bouncy ball inside me.
I almost never got it back.

ctrrl adeq says:

8:20 must be a really stupid mother.

Become Smoke says:

Bit a boob a little too hard. .

Myxril says:

> …and as he looks around, the dildo slooowly slides out of his arse.
Blooooooop. Pbtpbpbtpb.

》me 《 says:

8:55 she wasn't raping you if you enjoyed it.

Jake McPherson says:

Yay Coheed reference 😲

Virteris Virteris says:

text says no

Depressed Litherds says:

Good job!, this is subworthy

** says:

That’s why if you give a key to your parents or anyone else you stress that they must always call first or you’ll take the key back. No abusing the key privileges. LoL but holy shit that was funny

Mara Fae says:

I sucked dick on accident :/

Dragon HearthX says:

Thank you I needed the laugh

Katy Lepetsos says:

I liked the one where the dude sharted in his gf’s face.

Katintheforest says:

Girl. Dated girls in the past, first boyfriend. Have to get used to sex with a dick, then have to get used to sex with two dicks… Boyfriend prefers a strap on, but for ORAL SEX, not pegging. No one prepared me for this. Decide to fake understanding until real understanding kicks in. I am understanding now but in the beginning it was awkward as a girl who really likes pussy that my boyfriend would rather go down on a fake dick than me. Had to get over the idea that he wasn't also bi, just phallic obsessed. Honestly still a little annoying though

Katy Lepetsos says:

I see Elma in thumbnail, I click

sLiDeR says:

At the most intense moment I slipped out and entered the wrong hole🌀😯, stories of such always used to sound kinky😏 to me till then, but trust me it is not!!!🤨 Or at least it wasn't for me😕… the echoes of her scream still remain in my head😬.. but wait it doesn't end here..

The next day while I was in the shower🚿 fully covered in shampoo and my eyes shut😣, trying to rinse my face, I had this very sudden pure white flash ⚡😳with a sudden stinging and burning sensation which froze the time and space continuum for me and my body too…and no it wasn't the damn aliens🛸, but it definitely was an invasion..
As you guessed, yeah she did it🖕😑😫… a so called joke for revenge..☯️💔

Plot twist is since than I improved my accuracy and I turned into the sharpshooter I became today, I am so spot on that I could play darts by only throwing myself💘. But besides that I really learned a very valuable life lesson on that day:
Always cover your back no matter where and when!!!🏹🛡️🗡️

ChocoCondos says:

Last one was gross as fuck. He must have the grossest hygiene habits to not shower afterwards.

Debbie Rogers says:

Why on earth would you ask this you dirty pervert cunts.

Avvii says:

1:56 does anyone else think that the “him.” sounded a lot different from the usual voice and a lot more human? It’s like he was annunciating a lot more.

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