Wheels On The Bus Plus MORE Funny Stories for Children | Steve and Maggie from Wow English TV

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Steve and Maggie are having great fun this time with the wheels on the bus and our more stories for kids. Steve travels with lots of different means of transport. Then, he goes to play with Maggie in the park and finally they both sing a Safari song. Let’s jump into this English story collection for Children with Steve and Maggie. Steve introduces words such as a bus, a car, a train, a boat, a bridge, a tunnel, a monkey, a lion and a parrot. HAVE FUN with our magic English! Learning English speaking is funny.
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Nawara Asaad says:

You're great. Am syrian and I watch all your videos with my nefew. He's five and because of you, now he speaks britch accent in an amazing way .. you're britch right! . Also me i start following you to have the same accent. Thank you very much.

Kyle Falk says:

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谢欣然 says:

3:21 is Steve at Great Wall of China?

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sara youssef says:

!it's really wow

Milena Ostojic-Jovetic says:

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Duc Dao Minh says:

I love your songs and videos, Steve and of course, Maggie

Linh Đào Hạnh says:

Wow! It's funny! I love the video!

Zoha Afzal says:


Esraa Salah says:


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