ABC World News Now Anchors Princess Diana 7-2-07

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ABC WNN “The Laughing Taina” Hernandez once again breaks down and laughs. This time while introducing the “Princess Charity Event”. Why is the 10th anniversary death of Diana, Princess of Wales so funny? It’s a little bit not funny.


Dibrini says:

So that's why she was on at 3AM!

JohnPaul Dixon says:

I think it's somewhat disingenuous to say she was laughing at something off camera. And if this is the case,that she's laughing at something one,or more,of the crew were doing off camera then they also need reprimanding.Especially if she's talking about something as evocative as the Diana anniversary concert! If she can't keep her laughter in check then she really ought not to be doing this job!

blacklite911 says:

Did she fall to the ground lol. Its cute sometimes when she laughs but some of these other times are just unprofessional at all.


Just by looking at her face you can tell how retarded she is!

Guardstark says:

these guys are hilarious. best anchors ever

Fronika says:

That stupid bitch would laugh at her mother's funeral.

Raquel S says:

She's really stupid…how did she get that job?

Buzz Girl says:

This "anchor" Ms. Hernandez is awful. Just awful.

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