5 Hilarious News Bloopers! She Said WHAT? – The Digg Reel

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News anchors say the darndest things! And ever since the whole “keep f*cking that chicken” thing, they’ve only gotten better.


Heru- deshet says:

That has got to be the best acceptance speech in the history of entertainment.

DNTME says:

So diggnation, (and it's followers) is just another liberal shill. Gee what a surprise.

Diego Zuckerburg says:


Christopher McDaniel says:

LMAO "keep fucking that chicken"

uneek8365 says:

Bahahaha Yes Jenny from the blow job

evilclown99 says:

Never clicking on another Digg Reel in my life!

Barry Hardin says:

Wouldn't you just love to go to the set of foxnews and beat those pieces of fucking shit to death with their own faggotass severed arms!? I WOULD!

elliott dunbar says:

mr rogers is ok- if thats the worest influence- good grief– but that gal on fox news says some nutty shit. is this her first and only job

Joe Charogoff says:

Me and my friends used to pause Mr. Rodgers when he'd snap his fingers- If you time it right you get just a middle finger up.

onefoot7 says:

Fred Rogers fuckin rocks, the balls to take a real moment of silence

Valentina Luma says:

I cried when I saw these x_x LMFAOOOO

The Kind Gamers says:


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