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Anything can happen live on air, giving rise to some hilarious news reporter fails.

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Neaz Awyon says:

Big black cock lol

Becca's Relatable Life says:

The 5th reporter fail (the drawing while describing) was a teacher fail for me one time. I think I caught it before the students did and I erased it quickly. Of course the students were confused, but I just moved on. 😂😂😂 I teacher fail a lot. LOL

Simone Jipp says:

The last one was the best

Leevi Heikkilä says:

Wow such facts

Pigking38 says:

I remember that KTVU broadcast. SUM TING WON. WE TOO LOW. HOLY FUK. BANG DING OW.

Pigking38 says:


To make an unoriginal comment.

Owencg says:

10th Hi 👋

Katie Mossman says:

I've seen some of these before but they're still pretty funny

Brianna Seivenyay says:

Fourth comment

Pigston says:

Please pin me

TheVelvetButterfly says:

GAY fucking shit 😭😭😭😭

Asian Stuff says:

I'm first comment

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