Here's An Insane Ford Mustang Police Chase With A Hilarious News Commentary – SHORTCUT

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On April 7th, 2016, two idiots in Los Angeles stole a convertible Ford Mustang and led the cops on a chase that lasted over an hour. However, the only thing more insane than the chase was the hilarious live news commentary. I can’t even right now, you guys.

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Mack Camm says:


Jleed989 says:

Everyone in LA is trying to be a star

tech guy says:


keepingupwith jee says:

Niggas , smh nothing better to live for .

Leo Pard says:

Two idiots comments that pursuit!

Michael Castillo says:

Omg! These women really thought they were killin it with their jokes! 😂😂😂

Gameing screen says:

How tf you mistake a mustang for a Beamer like bitch you sound so fucking ignorant

Scott Cornelius says:

How embarrassing for BMW to be associated with a Ford

Star Kicker says:

only person who lost is the owner of the mustang. insurance will not cover all of it. his rates will most likely go one is getting a dime from the defendants

schrecks69 says:

the only thing dumber than the suspects in the car is the women talking

Malte Laurids Brigge says:

Doesn't seem like "insane" commentary at all. Why do you say that? I probably couldn't even identify the type of car as these women did. The police were the insane ones, even more so that the clowns in the car who knew they were clowns – WTF were the police on? I've never seen such idiots before. Actually throwing the chain out about 2 meters that blows your tires out AFTER the car had dawdled passed? How about walking over with your gun drawn while the car was just sitting there waiting to turn??? Total morons.

TheRobman says:

The car wasn't stolen, it was rended. The driver was Herschel Reynolds, and the passenger was Isaiah Young. The crazy part is, it was a case of mistaken identity. They just happened to be outside a house when the buglar alarm went off, then when police turns on their lights behind them, they just ran by instinct. They didn't have anything to do with the buglary.

Here's the story:

witwicky04 says:

I hate the commentary

wade wilson says:

California, the place where illegal immigrants and criminals have more rights than the tax payers

Jay D says:

Mustang wasn’t stolen but ok

Rudehalf nudedude says:

holy shit, i actually think most bmws have the emblems on the too of the hoods now that i think about it lol.

LJW says:

They like bbc 🤷🏾‍♂️😂

Nicholas Schoendorf says:

When liberals and commies take over

Evil Fluff says:

I would think they need to go to prison for some thing. Like if I stolen a car and drove like that someone in prison is going to get hurt when I get there.

ZeroBlackfire says:

Mr Popo enters the chat
"Oh, look at that, a woman that doesn't know any better."

Marcelo Rivadeneira says:

The commentary was brought to you by Depends adult underwear

korle521 says:

This can't be real

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