Hilarious! News Anchor Mocks Kim Kardashian as princess Leia in Failed Pilot

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Hilarious Anchor! News Anchor Mocks Kardashians HILARIOUS


Chris Gatchalian says:

Where's Steeeeeeeeeeeeeve? LOL

CelestialJoJo says:

hahahahahha kardashians are so empty inside.

Shakeshack78 says:

Um………….no one who has a truly valid claim for being famous/relevant. Imagine if you went to school for four or more years to get your degree in broadcasting/journalism back in the 80's/90's (probably like the male anchor in this interview clip) and all these years later you have to sit still (at an early AM hour) and react to these Kardashian people who have taken over the pop culture world……………his reaction is perfect!

E. volved2MaRsz says:

lmao "wheres steeeeeeeeevvvve" i cant stop laughing hilarious !!

Alex Dankowski says:

their dad was OJ Simpsons lawyer. They dont make any of their own money

Jonathan M says:

Unprofessional is sometimes required.

jp Delport says:

wait….could anybody tell me how the fuck they got so rich….

Ninja Synik says:

Yeah the news reporters should have told them to fuck off.

Daniel Imai says:

lol! how we gonna do it

superfuresh says:

Black people the reason kardashian famous

Daniel Imai says:

hes spot on!.

itsokaytobeafraid says:

Waaah. How dare anyone not suck up to your favorite celebrity!

Tyler Howell says:

Pricks I would tell them to fuck off ( the news reporters )

Noctis Caelum says:

Anchor win realization epicnisity.

Politicalboxers says:

Depressed dog in love with Kim.

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