Hilarious News Broadcast Mess Up

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you hav 2 look closely at his mouth.its like a big moth on his lip.


Eden` says:


Tom says:

Sounds like Chris Rock hahaha!

Margot says:

I must have watched this 20 times already and I'm stilling laughing to death

Kayla Davis says:

omg that is lol i want to meet him. lol!!!!!!!

Hector Gonzalez says:

And I think he is the Bishop at his church lol

x6s6 says:

He reverts to stereotype in an instant!

Ol Calhoon says:

This shit has me in tears

ByDominiqueLarue says:

lmao That's EXACTLY how I was when I first went to the south and all those big ass bugs would fly everywhere lol

marcel louis says:

chaxxkkk (the fuck is that shitt..fuckkthat townn)

Billy Holliday says:

@dirtback16 it was man! it was on rude tube xD

dirtback16 says:

@metalmanfilms haha yea i did the same thng wen i first saw it.imagine if this was on live tv.idk if it was or not but that would hav been awesome haha!

Quaid78 says:

Funny as FUCK! Look at him wipe his mouth! HE SAID, WAIT FIRST! :25

Ewelina Taheri says:


RayneOfLyte888 says:

LOL the fly probably thought it was waste….

Spirkiroid says:

If I lived in that town, I would watch the news every day.

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