Hilarious News Reporter at Anime Convention

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WO News reporter, Angelo Adside reports on the Kumoricon Anime Convention and meets some “colorful” characters along the way!

Directed by Yusuf Word

Angelo Adside and Yusuf Word



Music by Jewelbeats.com
Kevin MacLeod http://incompetech.com/

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O Gatuno says:

Fucking nerds, haha

Whoo711 says:

I love anime

Esara Herlis says:

I laugh when you pronounce "ryu" wrong lol

usagiichigo says:

@SuPerFabAline13 You can just look up on the Internet for what anime conventions are going on in your area 🙂

SuPerFabAline13 says:

i always wanted to go to these type of thing but never cud know where or when theres one

obby .png says:

I'm kinda bummed out cuz I didn't see any Edward Elric's. •_•

Vance Kauffman says:

LMAO!!!!! My favorite part of this whole thing is Yuri thing.

119matburn says:

thats what i love about the sub culture surounding anime fans its acsholy a sub culture with its own tradistions and culture

KoffeeKai says:

I saw Gamzee and Roxy!

15redgirl15 says:

the guy at the glomp circle with all the buttons is creepy van guy and he is one of the panelists for 'the panel of doom' and that was amazing

15redgirl15 says:

There were quite a few there, along with slender woman and I think a slender family

DiamondScuff says:

y thee fukkk r they hugging like that.. i like anime but damm.. the anime cons loook always sooo fuking corny… FUK

MegaNinjaGal says:

How did i not see you guys?

Muramasass says:

i saw slendy!

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