Hilarious Reporter Swallows Fly (News Blooper)

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This reporter flips out when he swallows a fly.cursing


stephane Dafalgan says:

reptilian !

Adam Maciejczyk says:

Whoever it is below me, go troll somewhere else. A moth flew into this guys' mouth. And as others have said, he goes from professional to ghetto in 2 seconds

Isidro Gutierrez says:

Let's get out this country muthafucka lmao

86dilley says:

Must be Kansas…this place sucks

chelsea brock says:


connorsdad2010 says:

@jeremiah0bobbiejo Oh my god man that had me crying with laughing so much!

Jeremy Clark aka CLUNKER says:

Maybe if his black mouth wasn't so big!!!

NireonPhoenixDragon says:

I wonder what the fu***d up town is that hes in. Wait, why wouldn't he be able to see if it flew in his mouth. Hmmm… that mystery is going to haunt me to the day i die. What? There are TWO FLIES?

BBD31 says:

cleveland show brought me here

Timothy Curren says:

Check out The Cleveland Show's remake of this…

Freerunningpimp says:

He went all Chris Tucker on that country ass town

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