Marcus Gives Baird Hilarious News About Dom | Swiftor

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Marcus Gives Baird Hilarious News About Dom | Swiftor



gatorbackradial says:

Watching this in 2017 and 0:40 still slays me. Best timing ever.

Fire Burns says:

all u did was make it worse

Dede_M5 says:

that moment when dom died it was sadd rip dom :'(

Nesto Navalo says:

That was hilarious xD in what was going to be a very sad moment for everyone turned into floor rolling hilarity

FalconAlpaca says:

Your voice. Is so annoying.

CLNCJD94 says:

I need this game

Filbertfriend says:

@cheapmovies9P I'm pretty sure he was joking moron.

Damon Hipgrave says:

@MegaDrMC RIP Dom :'(

Doc says:

@No0Bz4Life me too. absolute most heroic video game death i have ever seen T-T.

ChaosRain786 says:

ever notice that in this vid the game subtitles say somebody's gonna pay ,somebody's gonna pay yet he say's fuckin pay I guess they forgot they were doing the subtitles for a black man lolz

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