Selena Gomez Becomes A HILARIOUS News Anchor For The New Coach Campaign

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Can we all agree that Selena Gomez pretty much kills at just about everything she does? The video features Selena attempting to report on traffic and dish out some breaking news…before she just ends up laughing at herself.

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Natalia Stornello says:

Selena is a goddess

Shefali D says:

Cant people stop being so rude..she is multitalented ..and dont even care about you guys expressing your opinion and judging anybody got lots of difference..why the hell people cant understand she has such a smooth voice and can sing really well everybody has different voice quality…all time selenators<3<3……tell me guys what do you think about it???correct me if m wrong:):)

Cinnamon Bun says:

Love her but she is kind of boring and bland..

Ana Karen Najera says:

Love her ❤

Mehribon Asadova says:

Selena Gomez is multi talented

Eliza Anderson says:

No offense, but Selena Gomez is one of the most overrated "entertainers," today. She CANNOT sing, she is a mediocre actress, and she is not helping the world in any way.

{UPDATE: BEWARE THIS REPLY SECTION. Bunch of immature people who can't accept the fact that everyone has a different opinion and not everybody loves their precious idol. What is this, Fox News?}

miss T says:

she is queen💞👑

Chase Wright says:

Um she is the indescribable lady. "Who says" she cant do it? I think she obviously can.

Tamii Briggs says:

She's just so perfect ❤️😩

Manisha Parris says:

i love Selena Gomez so so so much

Afu Taufa says:

I buy anything with her name cos she the most beautiful woman in my eyes

adriana de leon says:

Omg selena on :42 looks soooo much like tessa brooks

JaSha Evans says:

Selena Should Start A Full Beauty Line.She'd be the new Beauty Mogal Ticoon.If she ever really dose launch a whole Cosmetics And Accesories Line Witch would be Dope as hell!!!! Kiley Jenner Might Have To Look Out For The Compitition.JK But No shade To Kiley Intended I respect Her Great Cosmitics Products.But anyway who else would love for Selena Gomez To Start her Own Cosmetics/Beauty/Accesories Line.I know I would.

fati ihdene says:

she can do everything becouse she is selena gomez my amazing bea

Stephen Dowdye says:

I apologize for breaking all silence… I can't believe we have to go throw this… currently laying in bed with a face mask. You are just terrible. All of you are terrible.

malek ange says:

my fuckinf talented baby


Before a million views

Samantha Folk says:

50 views and only 5 likes 🙄😡

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