WREG – Hilarious News Story

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This originally aired on 12-31-08.


John L says:

ok im starting a museum of funny new stories this one will have a whole wing

DogFather0808 says:

That's professionalism right there. Ransom is a news GOD to deliver that story straight.

Lexie Fate says:

His last name is dick

Just_Me02 says:

kahoolies!?!? HAHAHAHAHA!!!!

M As_in_Mancy says:

i like the end part where the other reporter can't get to her story cuz she's dying of laughter…priceless

NigarT says:

That was me

bryan rivers says:

hahaha aaa hahaha aaa hahaha aaa hahaha aaaa hhahaha aaa hahaha aaa hahaha aaa hahaha

hikkupf says:

Michael DICK shows his DICK to a granny, and gets grabbed by the DICK. "Good God Almighty" indeed. The reaction is just great!

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