10 Hilarious Stories About Their Highest Customers: Ask A Budtender

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When going to a cannabis dispensary, the same rules apply as going to the grocery store – “Don’t shop while hungry.” Don’t go to a cannabis dispensary after consuming cannabis, because you will want to buy everything like you will want to eat everything. Budtenders everywhere have stories of customers coming in high, which they certainly don’t recommend if you don’t have a specific purchase in mind. A budtender is the person behind the counter at a cannabis dispensary, there to help consumers choose which cannabis strains and products are best for their wants and needs, especially when high. Every dispensary is different with different strains, so budtenders are a valuable resource for both new and old consumers searching for the perfect cannabis product.

Civilized sat down with budtenders from all over Los Angeles to learn about cannabis culture and dispensaries in our weekly series Ask A Budtender. In this episode of the series, the budtenders share stories of costumers coming in high.

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Charlie Zelenoff says:

Fuk yes to the Mc Donalds coupon guy!! Savage! Never spend a dime on any woman who is not your mother!!!

Henning says:

McDonals is shit. I mean Cannabis shows me what real taste is, why choose this crap ?

Future Lurker says:

Q-Pon or coupon?

Miguel Chavez says:

Let me get the best and highest thc 8th you got!
…. pulls out 15 dollars.

pjtiger10 says:

Wyatt’s eyes are so cool

C&C Connoisseurs Cannabis Knowledge says:

We Review marijuana and legal cannabis products in Washington State. Check us out! CHEERS!!

triple 6 says:

Bruh you cant even complain about free mcdonalds

mason nut says:

movin like a snake

Natsuki says:

I’m guilty of being like “I got $30…. oh wait!”

Gary marchand says:

I’m the one thousandth like . SUCK IT.

zarman189 says:

I love the crazy regulars. This channel is perfectly relatable

BulletL says:

In Germany we can almost smell the legalization

david hilton says:

So nobody was laughing when they came in? That’s odd

BrianMusic12 says:

Whoa… People who shop in dispensaries are high? Holy shit what a discovery

Keaton’s Channel says:

harrison ford and frank sinatra!

JayMetro says:

0:36 I thought he said nigga 😭

Trav in the Box says:

God I wished I lived in a legal state man

:D says:

they were probably on xanax or opiates tbh

Mr. Waybesón says:

“Nobody cares you’re from Cali, bro.”

Muenster Cheese says:

I really dislike half of these budtenders.

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