3 rappers telling hilarious stories

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AyahitoAshikaga says:

what's the beat to this song?

Drizz Nation says:

I'm fcking 💀

Mike Jones says:

vids with these guys going solo are ok but nothing like when they're together..they kill it, i would happily pay for it

clinton davids says:

hard to believe why these guys are not famous when they're flow is better than most

Darius Kawaauhau says:

Shizzy be spitting some fire

Hunter Campbell says:

vi seconds fking murdered that

Carol Lisby says:

me and vi had the same expression when he said "i even ate her ass" lmao

bamba thiam says:

this is the shit i appreciated the most on skype

ELSIXX says:

its meant to be up cause all of the other peoples are tooken down sorry

ELSIXX says:

what did I do

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