4 Hilarious Stories, 1 Paranormal… And a Whole Lot of Laughs | Narrated by Thomas Foolery

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Hey fellow Sesh Monsters, Join me for these 4 awesome stories and try not to laugh.

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Music by Kevin Macleod – https://incompetech.com

Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0


Julie Mc!!!!! says:

Poor torn rubber 😹😹😹🤛

Karla Kirkpatrick says:

:), :), :), :), :),:), 🙂

Lola Lolo says:

Could I give some constructive criticism? The music is too loud and distracting….And at times you speak too fast and are hard to understand…If those 2 things are fixed you will have a gr8 channel!!!! 🐸

SuperMadsr says:

Mortis cares deeply for his friends and family. Thanks for referral Mortis. Great channel.

Shaeanne Long says:

Lmbo lmbo oh my land!!! This video was freakin awesome!!!

Sheila Akhter says:

Your good for a laugh .:)

Jacky Browne says:

Hey just came upon your channel I really enjoyed those silly joke's & you have a great narrative voice 🙂 you've earned yourself another sub : D keep up the great work your doing & I'll look forward to your next post. XxX

Jon Ruston says:

Even better than the first two videos! You are the king of bantz! All about the bantz

Tia Collins says:

Mortis Media suggested you good job

sousara z says:

I can see a bright and hilarious future for you! I wish you all the best!

Teresa Jones says:

Lmao! Please keep more of the jokes coming!

Karen Davenport says:

So glad I subbed the other night! U R Funny! Loved it, Thank u.😉

Joy Mckenrick says:

Truly funny, Thomas! 😁

Mortis Media says:

Seriously funny stories man! Perfect!!

Lysa B says:

Too funny!!! I especially like the Irish dude – makes perfect sense to me! 😉

Lulu Asiul says:

Excellent! Thanks for the laughs 🤣🙌🏽

boobiecuddle says:

im already hooked

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