Billy Bob Thornton Interview: Reveals Hilarious Stories About Bernie Mac

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Andrea says:

The perfect man.

Ulrike Regina says:

BBT is a genius…πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ˜Šβ€οΈ

mhks68 says:

Bernie @16:20 ish

Israel Foster says:

that was fucking funny !

gmail user says:

french fried pataters with mustard

Alex Chacon says:

chicago winning is epic historical

D. Corey says:

lmao at that Bernie Mac story…imagine his look with his big eyes and mouth open like ."WHAT???" lol

TouchingYouOnTheInsidePart says:

Please no Trump questions.πŸ˜‚

TouchingYouOnTheInsidePart says:

Sling Blade and Monster's ball are my movies.

James Blount says:

no grand introduction hmmmmm says something without saying nothing

John Yi says:

this legend fucked halle berry

Pat Kelly says:

Sways interviewees have definitely changed over last 12 months. I can see this going the same way as a lot of other commercial radio stations although I hope not. Peace Sway

Malcolm Wallace says:

Best curve ever….. didn't answer the trump question……true pro

platnum960 says:

he curved the shit outta that trump question

satangot mylungs says:

i dare you……… no bwhahaha

Davz Beats says:

goiliath is a good ass series, can't wait for season 2!!

Dulce C Ruiz says:

My favorite actor! Ever since Slingblade. He's a genius!

Thee Head Turner says:

"A cool nuh.. cool guy"

Chrono Cross says:

lmao at that Bernie Mac story

baybreeze13 says:

@10:43 he was about to say nigga. lol. caught himself.

Petit Louis says:

Lorne Malvo !!! @@ !!!

Big Tex says:

when does he talk about bernie!

Money Matters says:

sway why u ain't let him finish the story.. i wanted to see what bernie said back or what happen ?.. always wearing that stanky ass black hat ball head ass boy

Belis Breckenridge says:

Angelina a crazy ho

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