Cast of "Barbershop: The Next Cut" Share Hilarious Stories From Their Time in Barbershops

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Common, Ice Cube, Regina Hall, Eve and Cedric the Entertainer from the cast of “Barbershop: The Next Cut” stop by the Sway in the Morning studios for a live town hall.

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Marcella X says:

Cedric needs to lose 50 lbs, fat corny azz.

FGAlele says:

Ice Cube has Grown Soo Much as a Figurehead in the Industry. It's Been an Interesting Journey & Transition to see. Good Interview Session Led by Sway.

Deville says:

Had its flaws, but overall a damn good and entertaining movie.

Caleb says:

they think part 3 is a taboo? how they gonna handle kyeiwaa part 1 2 3 4 5 6 and 7 then|? gh stand up!

MommamiaTV215 says:

Adding Regina Hall to the cast was brilliant love her I felt like she was cool on the movie I honestly wanted her character to show out more but I guess that wasn't her character. Lol love her though.

LibertyBoi P says:

Regina Hall's resting face looks like she's about to slap someone.

DoWhatIWant says:

They should get Cedric in a single interview he'd be golden had me cracking up 😂😂🙏

DoWhatIWant says:

Once you get to know his security, let the dogs sniff you, learn his pass codes hahaha Cedric a fool 😂😂😂 definitely gonna see the movie

Gmg says:

what's eve best song

triple double homicide says:

listening to this while watching porn hub, this interview is kinda dead.

Isatu Mansaray says:

My only problem with this episode that the microphones were not great so it was hard to hear people talk.

k Bact says:

Incredible Movie

Barera Garra says:

Barbershop: The Next Cut moviehd

Candace W. says:

where was Ricky (Michael Ealy) tho!?

Melba Kelso says:

There seem to be some problems with the audio at times. I love the cast of the movie. I have seen the first two and I think it is awesome and there are messages that our young people should listen to. God Bless you all.

DustDaRapper says:

REGINA!!!!!!!! 😘😘😘

Bread Man says:

that was awesome I even watch it in a theater with recliners

ShadanFit Simmons says:

yooo i listEned for 2 hrs to hear this shit ahahahah love you sway keep on keepn it real brotha!

Ruby Woo says:

I love Heather B!

Tr3 Styl3s says:

Sway is the best

Bee Michelle says:

sways intros are long but i love them! i wish he would do one for me lol lol

van chi says:

Nicki have been avoiding interviews since the news broke out about her brother.

JohnnyOmm says:

God Lee Regina Hall so fine still!!!@!

George Mbao says:

Man Cedric is just naturally funny G.O.A.T

monta ellis says:

Tracy G is hiding that body well

King J777 says:

Great job Sway and the team. Class act interview. Enjoyed the whole thing. I subscribed today.

Hold This L. Debarge says:

Nicki & the water bottle sitting in her missing seat have something in common..they are both made of plastic

Hold This L. Debarge says:

Regina Hall's mind sometimes seems to be not all there, but she is so fine that I prob wouldnt care… #strugglebarz

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