Charlie Chuck – Hilarious Stories

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Charlie Chuck tells some hilarious stories, live on set.

From the Men & Motors show “The Blue Whale”, episode 4.

Original Air Date: 12/10/2001

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UK RPGFan says:

Absolute Legend….

Mark Duxberry says:

The amazing Charlie chuck and his little ducks

libidoswitch says:

Charlie is still the king.

Pete Marr says:

First time I saw Charlie Chuck was on James Whale, I came home from a night out, and sat there pissed watching him, and just sat there laughing my head off 🙂 lol

Terry Tibbs says:

Lol, what a maniac

TheVeetacore says:

Did the man ever get that cream bun in the end?

Think the goat joke might be the only 'proper' joke that Charlie ever told. When I say 'proper' I mean one with a conventional punchline. And it's not even his best. But it works so well.

Fucking amazing. Defs my favourite comedian.

Jasper Tickler says:

Seen Charlie live twice, guy had me in tears……he is the best Anti-comedy genius going

Zouch says:

They needed to turn Whale's mic off. Forever.

Fabian Jollywigs says:

He should be entered for the Turner Prize…he's an absolute wonder.

Trevor Palmer says:

Amazing – James Whale laughing makes it too.

Ron Wylie says:

Wonderful and so brave act, I loved Charley on first sight keep going matey

Joanna Byrne says:


Egg's Aunt Ada. says:

Wouldn't want to meet him in a dark alley!

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