Funny People Share Weird Dentists Stories

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Funny People Share Weird Dentists Stories

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hrslvr 10 says:

535th like never been so early

Noor Abu Yousef says:

I have a online friend that keeps telling me about the dentist

blackandwhite1450 MSP says:

5:16 What the fuck EWWWWW

GFSTaylor says:

I was having a filling so the dentist gave me a shot and we waited a few minutes for it to take full effect. The radio was on and while I waited it played a song by The Verve. Yes, it played "The Drugs Don't Work ".

Skye the DragonGirl says:

"Best comment will be pinned"
no comment gets pinned ever

D:うずまきナルト says:

Dude it goes so fast

A Random Nerd says:

… I hit reload on a COMPLETELY DIFFERENT VIDEO and came back here…. Darned phone.

Ricky Sixgun says:

I made my dentist laugh once. We're looking at an X-ray of my mouth and I sudden said "did I always look like Jack o lantern?" And just fucking lost it.

Letty Domino says:

I had to get a tooth pulled and the dentist I had apparently thought out loud so he started saying "oh no" and it scared the poop out of my mom. Turns out the tooth that was getting pulled shared a root with the one next to it.

Lorna Midori says:

Once I got a new dentist and she was really young and said she just got out of school. Here was our conversation
Dentist : so, do you come here a lot?

Me: yeah, I've gone here since I was 8

Dentist: good, so what exactly does your dentist do?

Me: in my head he is a dentist!!!

Amber Jacobs says:

Peeps, Omg change looks like heavily mythihaq best !

Female Hamiltrash2017 says:

and now i will never look at Toothpaste the same again

Lyonna Revers says:

6:08 Chris P. Bacon.

Widdekuu91 says:

Oh I had a lovely dentist. And an awfull one.

The first lovely dentist was extremely witty. I remember telling him that it didn't réálly bother me…but that it hurt whenever I pushed against my palate with my tongue.
He stared at me, frowned and with a real serious face, he slowly said; 'Don't do that then?'

Then the second was absolutely horrid. We'd call her the bracebitch, she was the orthodontist.
One day she wanted to make a plaster-sculpture-thing, so I got a metalshape filled with disgusting stuff, pushed into my mouth.
She pushed on the back of the metal, which hurt and then added another one, pushing it the same way, fár harder than it should be done.
I murmurred; 'Ow' and she grinned and said something along the lines of 'Beauty is suffering.'
She then said; 'Okay…bite!' (demanding for me to clench those two metalpieces together.)
But she'd been distracted and still had her thumbs pressed on the backside of the metal.
Bottomline, I clenched my mouth shut, her fingers were being crushed between the metal, with the force of my jaw, she screeched and screamed, I opened back up and she pulled out her hands.
My dad was in the back of the room and couldn't stop chuckling.

gillete. blade says:

7:10 god dammit…

тσмєηуσ's ѕтυƒƒ says:

Why are you scared? These dentists have a great humor!

Raul Christensen says:

all the pictures are made the 26 or 27 april

ITz xFleqii says:

pause at 6:28 look at the name

ImJust ThatGuy says:

When I go to my dentist, he alwwys says, "Oh! Look, its my favorite patient!" Then tells whatever nurse around, "Do you think she has another tooth for me to pull?"

Nia The Elf says:

I remember when I was young and my teeth were a nightmare. They were all hollow and broken and I had to have 1 pulled out at the dentist one day. He tried to pull it out but he couldn't do it (hurt like a b*tch), then he got it out but he said "oh, I accidentally knocked the other one. I'm gonna have to pull that out too." He knocked 2 of my teeth and that day I had 3 teeth pulled out >.<

FirstMate Wolfie says:


Sarah Friendshuh says:

OK, now I'm scared. I have to go to the dentist to get 4 permanent teeth pulled. Any advice? 😕

liv jones says:

my dentist said "open your mouth,I need to stick this thing it your mouth" it was big too."let me just stick it in your mouth hole." it was a guy.

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