Harry Redknapp transfer stories! Hilarious stories from a man who loved Deadline Day!

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Harry Redknapp has become notorious for some of his transfers and rolling-up on Deadline Day out the car window. He recalls some that worked, and plenty that never, on Premier League Tonight.


mattlewis1 says:

cockney lads

Tony Ross says:

I listened to his autobiography recently on audiobook and it's so funny and interesting, he could tell such a good story.

T B88 says:

Should have asked him what it’s like being a wheeler dealer.

Lawrence O'Leary says:

Frank Lampard's dad saying he didn't rate Eto'o is hilarious

Daniel Ajmal says:

he's like one of those grandpa every grandchild love to have

dark angel says:

The bung master supreme

Myrrhe Nazare says:

Harry keep other peoples business out of your mouth.

Nitish says:

Harry Redknapp what a guy! I miss him in the Premier league now. He deserved the England job for sure. Just don't get on his dark side.

SweetT79 says:

Wheeler Dealer & Crook

93RubixCube says:

Feel for Benjani the Clubs needs will always come first.

peter konto says:

People saying they feel sorry for benjani…But benjani gets 10per cent of the transfer fee from Portsmouth to man city so it's not as though his lost anything his actually gained some money from the transfer..

laggers54 says:

He should be in guy ritchies next gangsta movie.

burants says:

He's a likeable guy I've gotta say

Dean no friends says:

I could listen all day to grandad Harry stories

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